The name: L A
DoB: September 17th, 1991
Status: Single
Career: Student (has a part time job)
Lives: Way up north in England
Family: The mother, little contact with the father, and a halfsister (father)

This page was made as a new years reaolution, and as a fun project.

I enjoy the many aspects of life and people.
I enjoy movies too.
And books.
And music.
And friends. Most of all friends.

I like socializing, but being asocial is my speciality.
I like going to Uni.
And I like having freedom.

I’m an individualist.
I believe in the power of every human being.
And I don’t neccesarily mean “the power to do something”, but the power to be and exist.
I hate to judge people, even though I do make up an opinion on people quite quick.
I doesn’t mean I stand by my first opinion for the rest of my life.
People change. And so doesn my opinions.

I am a keen Asia-enthusiast.
I would love to visit Japan the most.
My dream is to one day be present at a Sakura festival.
Maybe even dressed in a kimono for the occation.

Very fond of Hello Kitty and sculls.
And I’m a serial killer freak.
Ed Gein is the one I’m most intrigued by.


The Chart of L A

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