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I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

This post was written on the 19th of December, but at the end you’ll see that my keyboard gave out – lot’s of keys stopped working, including the space bar and backspace. xD

…Or at least, HOPEFULLY I’ll be. I haven’t forgotten how last years trip went. But this year, there’s been no snow, so my chances are good 😀 I can’t wait to go home though – to the Christmas food, the fireplace, my own bed, my mother, THE CAR, familiar surroundings and all my friends ^__^ I must admit, I’ve got a very romanticized image of Christmas in my head, but no matter how I experience the Christmas holidays in the moments, when I look back later, I get that warm, fuzzy, romanticized feeling anyway, so it’s all good.

I’m writing this post a couple of hours before I leave, for the following reasons:
1) My keyboard is broken, so I have to copy-paste in some letters, which makes writing a whole lot more complicated, so I pretty much put off writing anything 😛
2) I can’t sleep, I’m so excited to go home! 😀
3) I have a horrible cold, which makes me unable to breathe properly when I’m lying down – again leading to me not being able to sleep
4) I didn’t start packing until 11:30PM xP
5) It’s too late to go to be now anyway, so I might as well do something creative to keep me going 🙂

So, what’s been going on lately?
Well, for the last 4-5 days, I’ve pretty much been tucked up in bed, unwillingly pretending to be Darth Vader, but before that, Ina was here 😀 It was really awesome having someone from back home staying over here, and taking trips to Manchester to go shopping(sjopping? xD) and to bring her with me to class to introduce her to my awesome teacher Graeme, who a few weeks back, to make a point of Weber’s methodology showed us a picture of a man chopping wood – which turned out to be the Norwegian athlete Vegard Ullvang, which in it self was funny enough for me. But when Ina was here, and Fani, her and I was seated at the front in the classroom, an even more awesome moment occurred, when Graeme tried to make another point, and said:
“Nobody believes in Odin and Thor and that sort of mythology anymore…”
Whereas I just leaned back with an expression of “What did you just say??” and Ina firmly raised her hand and stated “We do?”
As the rest of the class laughed, Graeme looked at us with obvious embarrassment  remembering the two of us, and went:
“Oh blimey, two Norwegians! …Well, nobody believes in Zeus and that sort of mythology anymore..” at which point everybody started laughing again, and Fani mimicked Ina and raised her hand going “I do?”
Graeme, a little dumbfound, responded with “Oh God, a Greek too…” before muttering “This is why I hate teaching international students” (all of this obviously a joke) and then continuing with “Are there any Italians in here? No? No one? Good – Nobody believes in Neptune and March and THAT sort of mythology any more…” and continuing making his point while the giggles slowly died out.

I’m pretty sure it’s not as funny written down, and it might seem like a bit of a ramble to a lot of you, but some will probably like that I put this in here. It was a great moment for us 🙂

So, what else could we mention..?
Oh, “we”!  Hahaha xD I’ve been shwgenpegng