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To make up for the serious lack of posts in quite some time, I’ll present you with this.
But first, a short update:

I lost a friend on February 27th. RIP Joachim Pedersen Ommundsen †
I lost another friend on April 5th. RIP Steffen Strømsbråten †
I went to Norway over the Easter holidays, and I even had some fun.
While in Norway, me and my friend Jeanette, hosted a great party, with about 40 people present. *likes this*

Now, for the real post:

And to finish it all off, two new songs for ya!

January 6th, I sat down to write a blog post, but I ran out of battery, and I couldn’t find the post after I’d plugged in the charger. Today I found it. So I’ll post it today instead. Almost 2 months later xD

Hey guys! I’ve been gone for a while, but I have the excuse everyone at this time of year has: Christmas and New Years 🙂

But first; The last time I updated you guys on anything, all I mentioned was my new tattoo. I failed to mention the fact that I was going to go home for the holidays December 17nth! Luckily, I didn’t, because that would have ended up a blatant lie. Due to the lack of NIGHT TRAINS in England’s more “rural” areas, O C, Charlotte and I had to leave for Manchester Airport on Thursday the 16nth. The PLAN was that I was going to bring my luggage up to O C’s place at 6PM, and the same would Charlotte, so that we could eat some pizza and have a good time together before we got in a taxi at about ten to 9PM and take the direct train to Manchester Airport. But when I arrived, ON TIME for once, O C popped her head out of the door and said “Hey, just go to the kitchen, I still have coursework”.

My first thought was “WHAT??”. I mean, come on? We’d known for so long that we were going to leave that day, so I find just the thought of this to be ridiculous. But, I should not judge, as I myself has procrastinated way too much, and have just barely been able to hand in my essays on time. Eventually she decides that she will finish her coursework at the airport, seeing as we would be spending quite a lot of time there, waiting for our flight at 6:04AM. O C and I had missed the 9 o’clock train, but luckily, there was a 10 o’clock connection-train. Not so luckily: it was very delayed. Which resulted in the two of us running for our lives across the platform and just missed our connection by a short staircase. Fuck. But, we felt our luck turn as we found another train, which would be the last train, and realized we had some time on our hands before it would arrive at Preston. It was really cold outside, so we found a little waiting room, and sat down. We took our time, and got up with a good 10 minutes to go before the train would arrive. Wrong. The timetable stated the wrong time, and again, we found ourselves abandoned by our connection at the bottom of the exact same staircase. Stop! Taxi-time! With little money and lot’s of luggage, things were getting pretty annoying, and the trip in the taxi was in no way fun. Bloody £90, for Christ’s sake!

Airport View

Airport View

In the end, we arrived at the airport, and waited for our check-in to open. I kid you not, our luck was worse than Darth Vader pick-up lines! Because now, our flight was delayed and cancelled. Hooray! We had to get in line for customer service, which was a painful, life-killing thing at about three hours in length. From our point at least. But, I am now officially getting tired of writing about the trip, so I’ll try and make the rest short:
Queues, lines, waiting, sleeping, cancellations, delays, queuing, waiting, delays, lines, cancellations, sleeping and so 3-4 days passed. Oh yes. At around half 4, Sunday 19nth, I was finally back in Norway. Oh, what glorious feeling ❤ And because of all the trouble I had with getting home, my mum has been extremely nice to me all this time. She hasn’t even asked me to do any chores or anything! Awesome. And she got me this:



Introducing: Mrs. Weasley ❤ Haha ^^  I could always wish 😛
I’ve been wearing my Gryffindor scarf so much more lately.

And she’s been really awesome about Christmas presents!
I’ve got new p-jays, a new dress, money to buy myself a ticket for the L8 convention(!!!), and a whole lot of fun stuff.
I love my mum, I really do. I haven’t said it much, but I actually love her. Over these holidays, I’ve been talking a whole lot with big sis, and we’ve discussed our childhoods. That’s one of the things that brings her and I together, because we had very similar lives and lifestyles when we were younger, and I think the conversations opened our eyes quite a bit. I appreciate my mother so much more after these conversations, and when I got home, the first thing I did was to thank mum and tell her I love her. The way she’s really pulled through for me even though I was too young to understand. And my situation has never been easy, specially after we moved to the village we live in now, but mum has done so much for me to make sure I don’t feel completely left out. She’s really amazing. And so is Ariana’s mum. I love them both 🙂 And I think big sis also have a new-found appreciation for her mother now.

I’m not going to be any more sentimental, and move on now.

New Years Eve was okay, not what I had expected. I actually had a date, but she got sick, which is okay, because I was really nervous about the whole thing. I’m not sure I want to go on a date with her. But I figured I could give it a try ^_^
Anyway, I had a few friends over for dinner, and mum served turkey<3 YUM! 😀 Haha ^^ But I didn’t drink any alcohol, which gave me the opportunity to use the car afterwards, which was very fun 🙂 I’m not too fond of fireworks, and since the really big and pretty ones have been banned in Norway, I decided to have myself a little Tim Burton-marathon in stead of going outside over midnight, and believe me… It was so much more fun! I seriously love Tim Burton! ❤ I sort of wish he had done the last Harry Potter film, but I’m quite satisfied with Yates work ^^

I love being home in Norway, because that means I can DOWNLOAD SO MUCH!!! Hooray! I’m going a bit crazy, and I’m pretty sure I’m not capable of downloading everything I want to before I have to go back, but even so… Happy! 😀

Now, I better end this post, and get something to eat before I put on a film, and head for bed.
– L A out<3

Alright, so saying I would be seeing you within a week was a total lie.
But at least I’m here within the next week(since the last post).

This’ll just be a quick update, I’ve got things to do you know.

First things first:
School is still great! Everything is phenomenal!
Even though I miss many of the things I left back home in Norway(bigsiss! 😦 And my little sister. :/).
But they’ll be coming over to visit me some day! *happy*
And mum has just sent me a package with loads of my stuff, which I’m anxiously waiting for 😛
And my tutors are amazing! And very understanding(I will come back to this)…

During my stay here, it has come to my attention that I do not really like to go out to drink; I much rather prefer to stay home and have parties in a more “safe” and well known environment.
The night from Tuesday to Wednesday gave me yet another reason to feel this way.

Tuesday evening I had planned to do my readings for my seminars, but was procrastinating.
When I finally got around to it, I decided that I would do the readings for my 9 o’clock first, and then do the readings for my 11 o’clock in the break between the seminars. So I sat down and started reading my criminology stuff, and found it so interesting! I got really engaged in what I did and my replies to the questions asked, that I didn’t realize it was beginning to get rather late. It wasn’t until I finished, the time dawned upon me… HALF ELEVEN! Shit! So I pack away my books, clean my desk and get ready for bed. As I am setting my alarm for the morning I cast a quick glance at my timetable and fuck me over… I have sociology first, not criminology! Hooray! So to fix this up, I set my alarm for 7 AM, just to be able to get through my stuff roughly, and go to bed.
At 3 AM I’m woken by a “Hilde, Hilde, Hilde, no no no, Hilde, you’re losing all your stuff” and a loud thump. I figure my Norwegian friend has had a drink or two too much, as us Norwegians tend to do. But as I am drifting away to dreamland again, I hear crying. “Wtf?” So I get out of bed and walk into the hallway to see what is going on. SHIT!

Credit to Sblommaert

Credit to Sblommaert

Hilde is lying in her bed, crying her heart out, puke all over, and shouting for her mum. The others don’t quite understand what was going on, as she had just been tipsy when they were on the bus, but when they arrived here, she had suddenly *BANG* went completely limp, and apparently superdrunk. It doesn’t take long before we realize what has happened; Hilde has been spiked. It takes us a couple of hours of me calling her mum, explaining, letting them talk to each other, calling a taxi, the others getting hold of everyone they can, and we ship her off to the hospital. There they confirm our suspicion, and Hilde gets taken care of. At this point, I am still in the flat, cleaning up a bit in her room and trying to get some sleep for my early morning. No can do. And just as they arrive, my 7 o’clock alarm goes off. Up we go, into the shower, check on the others and off to the seminar. Then I realize… the reading. In my sleep deprived mind I explain what has happened, and my tutor, Stan, just looks at me and says: “You should go take a nap. You shouldn’t even be here! No problem, I understand why you haven’t read it.” Thank God for that!

Oh, I don’t remember if I mentioned or not, but the first week here I had to get a new phone in order to get a functional phone with a british number. And do you have any idea how crazy I am? I bought a fucking BlackBerry! And not ANY fucking BlackBerry, THE fucking BlackBerry!

BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry Torch

Oh yeah! ♥

It is fucking awesome!

Oh, and I have read some books! Well, one book. I’m only halfway into the other.
“In The Miso Soup” by Murakami Ryu (The other way around for us Europeans, and you Americans).
And I’ve got to hand it to him, it is brilliantly done. Even though it is a thriller, I must say: the mix between mundane everyday life, work, relationships, and sex, blood, gore and murder makes it both boring and horrifying. In the “this-could-actually-have-happened-to-me!” sort of way. You get the feeling of being right there, and you are so dragged in, it at points feel like this is your own actual life. Brilliant, just fucking brilliant. Read it!

"In the Miso Soup" by Muramaki Ryu

"In the Miso Soup" by Muramaki Ryu

On a short note, I have also begun to pick up on my Supernatural fangasms again, and have begun where I left off in the beginning/middle of season 5. This still surprised me, though:



Oh well 😛

I guess I’ll be seeing you around, then 😉
– L A♥

So, finally! I am here. I am at my university.
And I’m having a hell of a time! 😀
My college is among the best(if not THE best), and my flatmates are amazing!

And I actually like my room. o_O
Probably because it’s so close to the European standard I’m used to, which is great.
I can’t help it, but even though I love the british houses and all, the interior is usually… a set-back. For me.
So, anyway, things are going great! I mean, LOOK:

My room ♥

My room ♥

The picture is of course after being here for 30 minutes after unpacking, so it’s not exactly the way my room looks like now, but still.

I live on the top floor of one of the Grizedale College houses, and there are two flats at each floor.
My overall impression is that not too many people around at the colleges know everyone or get along with everyone at their flat, but because of our amazing freshers reps, Dubar and Connor (not sure how either name is written though), both my flat and the one next to us are getting along abso-friggin’-lutely awesomely well!

I actually got to England last thursday, but me and four other Norwegians stayed in Manchester for a few days.
Our thursday evening was wicked! After walking around for hours through the whole day, part of it with seriously heavy luggage, we went out clubbing in the evening. Of course, we were all nice and tipsy when we left our (friggin genius) apartment, which I sadly enough don’t have any pictures of, and wounded up at 5th Avenue, and we had the time of our lives. There were a lot of alcohol in the picture, and a heck of a lot more dancing! The music was great as well 🙂
Friday was spent mainly at the apartment, for the pure joy of recovery. Oh, and did I mention we brought a guy home with us? Yeah, we let some guy called Michael or something crash on one of our couches. We never introduced ourselves to him, and we hadn’t known him for more than 20 minutes before we left the club, but still. There were a whole lot of drama going on, so we brough him home. Friday was a relaxing day, and saturday was a bit more stressful. My vicious friend O C woke me up with the words “IT’S 20 MINUTES TIL WE’RE LEAVING, GET UP!” knowing fully well that I had not packed any of my stuff, and that there were still and hour and 20 minutes left til we had to leave. Stupid bitch♥

@ 5th Avenue ♥

@ 5th Avenue ♥

The arrival at Lancaster went pretty easy, my taxi driver was kind enough to take almost all of my luggage to the reception thingy for my college, and when I got there, two guys were assigned to take all my luggage to my room and show me where I live. Poor bastards, carrying about 4-5 stones of luggage? Hahaha! Sorry mates! But it worked out smoothly and I got settled within an hour. I stumbled upon a few people in the hallway, and got all the information I needed. In the afternoon my flatmates and I went over to the other flat, and spent a lot of time getting to know each other, before going to some meeting at another place. After that, we got back, and basically started drinking ^^

I’m not going to go on and on about the evening (mainly because I can’t remember all of it), but we had so much fun!
So much fun actually, that I wounded up waking up on my bathroom floor in the middle of the night 😀
Stupid Norwegian alcohol habits.

The really spacious bathroom

The really spacious bathroom

It’s crowded with one person, for Christs sake!
I got some sleep, but not too much… woke up at 5:30 AM, and when my flatmate got out at 6:30, I got up and went to the kitchen with her. Had a slow, nice day, with little to do. O C and I decided to have dinner together, but when we got to the store, we weren’t really sure what we wanted: something light and microwave-ably, or something a bit more… filling. So, while standing there, contemplating loudly in Norwegian some one behind us goes “You’re from Norway?!!” in Norwegian. Now, this bit here is where we did something weird. We turned around and replied that “Yes, we are”, but we didn’t stop at that. We continued on with “want to have dinner with us?”. Come on, who replies “Yes we are, want to have dinner with us?” when asked if we are from Norway? But the girl, Karina, said she’d love to, so we bought some minced meat, pasta and Dolmio Bolognese original, and went back to my college to eat. Now, see… this is where we did the second weird thing:
inviting someone to dinner isn’t half as weird as inviting them to dinner, buying groceries, and NOT having pots and pans, plates and glass, forks or knives, or anything to prepare, make and eat the dinner WITH. Thankfully, my flatmates are alright people, so we got to borrow pots and pans from David, knives and forks from Matthew, glasses, plates and spice from Kat, and even some sort of spatula-like-thingy(I have no idea what it’s actually called in English) from Nikki. Oh, and yeah, since Nikki is chinese, she hadn’t really been socializing much with us, seeing as she is very unsure of her English(which she has no need to -___-), but when I brought O C over, they could speak in Chinese together, and so she got to talk to us. She’s really nice! 😀 And she joined us for dinner =^__^= Wish I had pictures of it, but the whole thing was absurdly, comfortably nice. I really enjoyed having dinner with them!

Yeah, well… I guess this is about it for now.
I hope things continue like this for at least a while more.
I’m still dead scared that I’m going to wound up alone like before.
I’m constantly worried they’ll bring up a subject where they don’t like my opinion or answer, and they’ll avoid me from then on. I mean, I can’t even start to stress how much I appreciate these people, or how much I want them to be, and stay, my friends. I have so high hopes, I’m wishing so strongly we’ll continue like this. But I know that no matter how we develop, and how things change between us later on, I’ve been extremely lucky to get to know them, and truly blessed with the company for at least the time being. I’m scared shitless they’ll think poorly of me and stop talking to me. And my stupid, insecure self is so sure it’ll happen. I just need to watch what I say. I hope I haven’t said anything that’s a bit… too much… just yet. I can’t help it, but I’m obviously a poor friend in the long run. I’m too much for a lot of people, I get that. I suppose I just don’t really know where to stop. I’m being me, no doubt of that, but I should start easing down on it. I guess I just want people to like me so much, I need to talk about all the sides of me(all the time, apparently), to show them that I’ve got so many sides of me, and that even though they don’t like *this or that*, there are other things they might or could appreciate. Oh well, enough emo-sappy-desperat-anxious rambling. I am all fine and well, and the others seem really cool.

I wish things that are good could stay forever♥
– L A =^__^=

Now now now, what have you guys been up to since last time?

I’ve basically just spent my time in the car, or emptying bags and floors for schoolrelated things.
It’s so absolutely fantastic to be done with 13 years of school! Finally I can do something I WANT to do!

Hey, shush! But I’ve found a really nice guy.
My age and all. Stupid schools in England.
But shush! No one knows!

AND TODAY I GAVE IN! I now have spotify. *ashamed*

So, it must be time for my entertainment updates!

In the time I have been lazy and procrastinating, I have managed to watch all the “The Exorcist” movies, the three first “Child’s Play” movies, “Lady in the Water”, the two first “Fast and the furious” movies, “Disturbia”, the “The Omen” trilogi, “Just Friends”, and “The Runaways”.

The Exorcist was okay. The first two were the best, though. The story sort of “got lost on the way” through the last couple of movies. And I hated the fact that #4 and #5 are pretty much the same story!

The Omen was… BORING! Geeez. The story COULD have been good, but seriously? I know they’re from the 70’s, but hello! Even 70’s PORN has got more action than these.
…not that I would know that, of course.

Child’s Play were sort of entertaining, though. Of course, they could have stopped after the first or second movie. I ended up with the “How fucking HARD can it be to kill a DOLL???”-impression afterwards.

Lady in the Water was.. okay. Nothing special, really. Probably inspired by a manga or something. It’s likable. And sort of believable xD

The Fast and the Furious almost ended with me getting speeding tickets. Inspiring. And now that our own car has said bye for a while, and we’re driving an Audi A3, things are going FAST! ❤

Disturbia was nice. Just my kind of movie; a lot of humor, adrenalin and gore. Yup, exactly my cup of tea.

Just Friends was funny, charming, interesting and entertainin, but a bit too much. And predictable.

The Runaways however is a different story. The story of Joan Jets and Cherie Currie and how they ended up with forming the band “The Runaways” and the story of what happend during and after they first met. Actually a likable movie, and I was surprised that I could actually watch it without constantly seeing Kristen Stewart as “Bella” (from Twilight) instead of Jean Jets. And the chemistry between her and Dakota Fanning is absolutely amazing. If you’re intereseted in music, this would actually be worth your time.

From the shooting of "The Runaways"

From the shooting of "The Runaways"

As for music, I have been inspired by Graham Norton (show) and the “The Runaways” movie.
From Graham Norton, I learned that Rod Stewart isn’t all that bad, actually.
And from “The Runnaways” I remembered how awesome Suzi Quatro is, and that I actually like Joan Jets!

+ if you’d like a whole lot of different songs, download the soundtracks to the “The L Word” TV-series. So much nice summer music. And so much hardcore “I’m a effin chick, get over it!”-music! Lovely ^___^

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro

And speaking of which! It’s “Skeive Dager” in Oslo nowadays! Skeive Dager is a pridefestival, where LGBT people from all over Norway meet and celebrate that we live in a country where we can be “out and proud”. I’m going there with a whole lot of friends this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it! Missed it last year, but two years ago it was AMAZING! ❤
Oh well, I’ll see ye around!

Yes, that’s right. You read it! I can travel through time.
All I have to do is to put on “Humanoid”, and I am back at the hot spot I was last night. (With emphasis on HOT!)
It’s called memories, idiots. :p

So far, this week has been amazing! Monday was somewhat uneventful, but Tuesday totally rocked. HOW THAT WOMAN CAN SING! Elly completely blew my mind out of proportions, her voice was just…. Wow. *speechless*
I was standing pretty much all up front, without putting any work into getting there (I was pushed all the way up to the front :p), and got a whole lot of pictures and videos. My phone is sort of stupid, though, just as my awful computer, which means I will not be able to post any of the videos. But I will give you the privilege to look at Elly “up close”, if any of the pictures are clear enough to make out anything of them.

Elly standing so close I could have touched her if I tried <3

Elly standing so close I could have touched her if I tried ❤

Part of the band...

Part of the band...

The rest of the band.

The rest of the band.

I have got to admit, though. I didn’t realize untill that evening just HOW unbelievable HOT Elly is! She’s got something that just… makes my head go “ooooh! Wow! YEAH!” o_O

But the greatest day of my life, was yesterday. I have been following Tokio Hotel for years and years now, guessing around 7. And they have been “on the market” for about 9, I think. There is no need to lie about what this band means to me, and when the show they planned to have here in Norway back in 2008 was cancelled, I died inside. So last night, really made my life complete. Once again, my weird luck was with me; I started off standing in the far back, and was pushed to the front. Not all the way up, but in the end I just had one person between me and the fence, so I am NOT complaining. And during the whole concert, I was standing 2-3 meter away from Georg! (He’s been working out! o_O)

The moment the band entered the stage, I was (of course) caught up in a fan-moment, and started to scream. But I could not hold it up for long. As they all got to their places, aproxomentally 2-3, 5, 7-9 and 10 meters away from me, I felt my body start shaking, my throat get lumpy, and my eyes turned watery. I have never experienced starting to cry like that more than once before; the first time Tokio Hotel was aired on a Norwegian TV-channel. Honestly, these fan-moments are going to be the end of. They make me seem so PATHETIC! I HATE the fact that I could not stop screaming for the band through the whole concert. I am a 18 year old girl, turning 19 this fall! I should be able to get my act together, behave properly and mature. So why the bloody hell were I screaming? I felt like a 12-year-old me, trapped in my present body. But it was an amazing feeling having them there, right in front of me. Most of the time, all I could think was “They’re really here. They are all standing right there, right in front of me, only a few feet away. They are there! For real!” I’ve been listening to “Humanoid” all day long now, and I can still feel the crowd press against me from all angles, I can still see Bills face as clear as the day in front of me, I can almost count Georg’s eyelashes in my mind, and smell Tom standing in front of me. I have no trouble seeing Gustav waving his hand and smiling his goofy smile in the direction I was standing. Throughout the whole concert I had to tell my self “they have light being blasted in their eyes, there’s no chance they can see us. So stop acting like an idiot!” You know… With the screaming and waving and hysteric crying. I literally scared the shit out of myself. And I must admit, I am SO ashamed knowing what I did and how I acted. Way to go making my idols proud of their fans. WAY. TO. GO.

But the experience was all in all… fantastic. Amazing. Mind blowing. Fascinating. Great. Awesome. Fucking unbelievable! I have no adjective in my vocabulary that can cover the feeling I am left with. I feel empty and… complete. This whole day I have been smiling sheepishly. And I know that even on the inside, every particle of me is smiling. I am happy, and complete. Really. ❤ (To think this is the least embarrassing part. Great God.)

Georg Listing (stading right in front of me! :o)

Georg Listing (standing right in front of me! :o)

Bill Kaulitz! (Standing SO close! And if you look har enough, you can spot Tom in the background)

Bill Kaulitz! (Standing SO close! And if you look hard enough, you can spot Tom in the background)

Gustav Schäfer, the poor thing, sitting all the way in the back. Don't know if you can spot him, but I can tell you: He is looking GOOD! ;)

Gustav Schäfer, the poor thing, sitting all the way in the back. Don't know if you can spot him, but I can tell you: He is looking GOOD! 😉

Tom Kaulitz standing so close, I could practically hear his heart beat! <3

Tom Kaulitz standing so close, I could practically hear his heart beat! ❤

So, the pictures aren’t great, but they’re ACTUAL, REAL and so filled with memories. (And all this “OMG-TOKIO-HOTEL-I-L-U-SOOOO-MUCH-ZOMG-HEART-HEART-HEART”-bullshit is even making ME sick. >___<) This band must be the fucking love of my life, the way I keep talking about it. Let’s stop. Let’s talk about the trip TO the concert instead. It all took place at Vallhall in Helsfyr, Norway. Helsfyr is pretty close to Oslo. You could sort of say Helsfyr is IN Oslo, even.

Well, yes. The trip. The ones who have read my blog the last couple of days, knows that I did not have a ticket untill a few days ago. (Creds to my friend, Anja, for having a spare ticket!) The problem is: Anja lives in Kautokeino. Which is really far away from Oslo. We’re talking days and days of driving, here. And I love about… 45 minutes away. Awesome. So, since I was so late with trying to GET a ticket, I was not able to get hold of this ticket BEFORE the concert, and I had school this day. Obviously, I was going to be there late. My school day usually ends at 3:30 PM, which means I am home at 4:30 PM at the earliest. Add a girls time of showering, changing, applying make-up, packing and getting ready. And then the 45 minutes of driving time. So when the doors open at 6 PM… Yes, I was going to be LATE!
Luckily, the mother decided that since I am so sick nowadays. You know, with the operation and the wounds and the infection and all, I had to leave school early. But still, Anja was going to be in line at 1 PM. I wasn’t going to get there untill 5PM. And I didn’t. Upon my arrival, I brought out my phone, and started phoning Anja. But she did not answer her phone. Desperate to find her, I started walking along the aproxomentally 1 kilometer long line, searching for my friend. Suddenly I slipped, was catched, fell, stumbled, was pushed and pulled and when the world finally stopped spinning around me, I was standing in the middle of the que at the very beginning of it. Soon, I was pulled out by a man, who said I could go to the next line, the real line, the one in front of the door. And I felt REALLY bad when the people who was picked out at the same time, was walking around me, talking about how they’d been standing there for SIX FUCKING UBELIEVABLE HOURS, and that is was about time they let them closer. SIX FUCKING HOURS?!!? I had stood there for, what… three full minutes? Gracious God! After standing in the new line for 20 minutes, I hear a weak call of my name from far, far behind me. I turn around, and what do I see? Closing in on me, is Anja and her friend. They had finally been let through to the new line. I was there about four hours after them, and still I was at the front way before them. Way to go clumsy me! 😀 Haha 🙂

Finally, I will add a disgusting fact, and as the geek and the fan I am, this sort of amuses me.
Those of you who know Tokio Hotel, know that they have a habit of keeping a whole lot of bottles of water during each concert. In the middle of the whole even, several times, they take a few sips of a bottle, and throw the rest at the audience. Here is the gross fun-fact: when you share saliva with someone, their bacteria and small particles will stay in your body for three years. Here is the fan-part: I am now containing small parts of both Georg and Tom! ❤
(You have no idea how awful I feel for being happy about this xD)

I am satisfied. Two of my favourite bands have just preformed right in front of me, and I even got Tom’s set-list. I am happy and satisfied and COMPLETE.

L A out <33

Today has been GRE-AT!
Woke up early (have to, since I need to take my medicine at certain times of the day.), with this amazing feeling inside, like everything is complete, things are perfect, and got the urge to listen to Adam Lambert’s “Music Again”. Such days requires songs like this! So, with his complete album “For Your Entertainment” in my hand, I head for work, finish early, and get back home. But since I was so quickly done, I now had MUCH time on my hands. Figuring I am going to two concerts this week, I should check if there is any homework to be done… I realized I had been sent the grade of my Chosen Project in International English (Særemnet i Engelsk for nordmenn :p) and MY GOSH! I’ve got an A! In written English! I am now hoping to maintain this grade to the end of the year, together with the A I got in oral English last semester. It would really be a huge plus, since I’m applying for schools in England and all ^__^

So, well. Needless to say, I did not check for any more homework, I just went straight to the car to drive around in my little, happy bubble of ecstasy! (No drugs included!) Ended up going to a friend of mine, but shortly after my arrival, we decided to go for a road trip. None of us looking like we’ve really gotten out of bed today, we decided not to go anywhere in particular, just driving around. Well, I would do the driving, and she would do the guiding. And the games begun! Since her contact lenses are broken, she can’t really see much, so she just shouted out “RIGHT!”, “LEFT!”, “THAT WAY!” randomly, and since I have no sence of direction, we were on! After an hour, or something close to it, we ended up here:

As you might notice, there is a whole lot of snow around here nowadays. This snow is also covering pretty much all road signs in the area, making it pretty much impossible to determine where we were, or where we were going. But at the end of the day, we found this road:

So, as you can see, I was still pretty optimistic:

In the middle of (s)nowhere

In the middle of (s)nowhere

It’s not easy to make out, but I am wearing a hat. My head is not that flat and… weird.

We found a route that led back home, but right in the middle of it, we were completely lost. So we decided to do this again sometime 😀 Looking forward to that!

After driving Ariana back home to her place, I went home myself, and was asked out on a friend-date next friday. I AM GOING TO WATCH ALICE IN WONDERLAND NEXT FRIDAY! 😀 ZOMG!

As a sum up, my life is a bit more than average at this point:

– I watched “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” last week
– I will attend the La Roux concert on Tuesday
– I will attend the Tokio Hotel concert on Wednesday
– I will go see “Alice in Wonderland” with my best friend on Friday
– In two weeks, I will be in London, England
– In four weeks, it’ll be Easter (I SO LOVE EASTER!)

Yup, my life is pretty awesome right now.

So, take care, and check out Adam Lambert untill next time!
L A out

And guess who just got hold of a ticket to the Tokio Hotel concert in Norway, under a week from now?

Oh gosh, I am SO psycked!
Tuesday night: La Roux at Rockefeller.
Wednesday: Tokio Hotel at Valhall.

This is going to be the week of my life!

And yes, I am practiacally in love with my friend for letting me buy her spare ticket ❤

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel

Along with procrastination and bad health, I realized my first post in a long, long time did NOT include a music update! What is up with that? 😮 Haha ^^

SO, not many of you know how much of a Tokio Hotel fan I am.
And truth be told, I have been avoiding TH for a while now, because of their popularity.
I can’t stand the labels that follows mainstream bands, and I was honestly scared that after “Zimmer 483” they would stop making music, and start making what the crowd wanted. But luckily, they released “Humanoid” by the end of last year, and it was GOOD! Definitely different, but not in the “this-is-what-our-fans-must-want” sort of way, more like in a “we-have-developed-since-the-time-we-were-13-okay?” sort of way.

Humanoid cover

Humanoid cover

I really liked it, but I haven’t really been in the mood for that kind of music… untill now. And man, what have I lost out on! I just found out they’re having a concert in Norway on March 3. yesterday! And of course there are no more tickets available. hallelujah – I fucked up! I am seriously down because of this 😦 But I guess it’ll work out somehow. Anyways, even though I am missing out on the concert, I discovered a whole lot of other things. For instance, Tom has a blog now! And it’s going great! This is where I found the other artist I must introduce you to!

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf! An English artist, who caught Tom’s interest with this video(I will post a link later on). The song was really fabulous, and Wolf himself caught my eye immediately. I think he looks like Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton! How neat is that? xD Obviously, I’ve gotten hold of pretty much all his music so far, by now. And I must tell you, it is mind blowing! I really like this guy! Thanks Tom! 😀 Both of you! xD

Last, but not least, I need to share with you one song from the Brit Awards. It’s stunning! If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll see that I listen to Dizzee Rascal. Well, he hooked up with Florence and the Machine, and they did one amazing mash up! O_O Florence’s voice gives me goosebumps. How dazzling isn’t it? Needless to say, I’ve gotten hold of all her music too. Of course. So far, I am really stunned. Chilling and amazing and wonderful. Absolutely. Click the picture for the full video.

Dizzee and Florence on stage

Dizzee and FLorence on stage

Now, I’ve got some more episodes of Dexter to watch. You kids have fun!
L A out ❤


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I just discovered that La Roux will be coming to Norway, and I am SO in for it!
Will try my best to get there.

The consert will be held at “Rockefeller” in Oslo on March 2nd, 18+ and the tickets cost 270 NOK.
DEFINATELY worth it, the sound is usually mint there.
Just need someone else to tag along with me =^__^=

L A out