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So, it’s been a long time since I last spoke to you guys, hasn’t it?
Well, I have my reasons. Las time, I mentioned that I’ve entered NaNoWriMo, so here’s a teaser of my story.

Helium Mind:

The story of a girl trapped inside her sisters body.
Unable to reach out for anyone, she is forced to live her life seeing,
hearing and feeling what her sister sees, hears and feels. Only one slight problem:
They live at Longfords “hidden corridor”, England’s most famous asylum.

The story as I have begun to form it, will be something like “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” meets “Inception”. And I’m planning on bringing in a bit of Japanese culture, and maybe some hints of Murakami Ryu’s thrillers? 😀

I hope it goes well, but I’m afraid I won’t reach the 50.000 words within the month of November. This will not mean I’m planning on abruptly ending the story, if I actually like what I end up with, I’ll probably try to continue it ^^
Thing is: I’ve got all my course work now, and I realised I’ll be quite busy this month.

Now, what else is new?
Oh yeah, I’ve come out to my family! And I chose quite the modern approach. I updated my Facebook profile to say “likes men and women” xD Haha! So far, no one has commented, but seriously… I still count it as coming out. So that’ll be a milestone: Tuesday 9th of November!
What changed my mind to do this, you ask? Well, I’ve joined the University’s LGBTQ society (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Queer), and I’ve been well accepted here. And my friends don’t mind it, not even my new friends! (Well, as it turns out, quite a few of them are queer themselves xP) And I’ve made good friends within the society, and I just didn’t see the point in keeping it “hidden”. Besides, I live far away from home now, so they won’t be bothered by my sexuality even if I find myself a girl I fancy. Oh, and even one of the Norwegian girls is lesbian, and here and I have sort of connected and bonded over this common thing. We even went together to the Canal Street Trip with the LGBTQ Society! Canal Street is the main street of the “Gay Village” of Manchester. And we had HEAPS of fun!



Awsumz! :D

Awsumz! 😀

OMG Roofz! :O

OMG Roofz! :O

Seriously loved that ceiling! ❤

What else can I mention?

Oh yeah, there was a huge ruckus in town the day Adel and I went shopping!



All the people you see in this picture… They’re either in a line in or out of the bookstore.
Why? Katie Price =____=
Seriously…. seriously?! Come one?
1) Why would all these people want to see that woman? (Not to mention that most of them were women, and there was NO limits as to age. 10-100, not kidding!)
2) What the hell could Jordan write a book about? (Specially something THAT interesting..?)
3) Why the FUCK would she chose to come to Lancaster??? Off all the godforsaken places on earth, she wanted to come here… WTF? o_O

But, I suppose it was a good thing for me, though. As her apparance seemed to keep people out of the stores I wanted to go to, and I ended up finding an amazing outfit for the Canal Street Trip! :O



Thing is: it’s a dress. So that would mean me… in a dress…
O_O But…

Oh well, it went fine. I actually got a whole lot of compliments, which was nice.
I still have a love/hate relationship with it. I mean: there is SO MUCH DRESS! When sitting down, I had to pull the whole thing up and rest it in my lap. ONE COULD SEE NO LAP! :O Yet, it’s übercute and it’s from Hell Bunny<3

Hmmm… What else should I mention?

Did I say mum sent me a parcel? If not, SHE DID!
I don’t have too many pictures of what it contained, but here’s the parcel itself!

I <3z mum

I <3z mum

And some of the things I got was:

Bed sheets, covers and pillowcases
FREIA MELKESJOKOLADE (Norwegian chocolate)
My pencil cases
My “Nightmare On Elm Street” box set ❤
Oh, and these awesome boxes to store things in:



They were sort of… folded. So I had to… unfold… them. Well, anyways, it didn’t take long, and they’re completely AWESOME! 😀 Mum’s cool.

But she did something a bit… uncool.
You know those advents calendars for kids? Usually you get those chocolate ones, right?
Well, mum gives me small presents for each day instead. Which is nice, except… SHE SENT THEM I OCTOBER!
Come on? How the hell am I supposed to wait one month and a week before I open my SEVENTEEN AWESOME PRESENTS?? :O The minute I spotted them, I had to force myself to hastily put them all in a bag, run into the hallway and ask the first person I could see it they could keep them. Which was David. And he could. And now I find myself constantly wanting to be nice to him! Hahaha ^^ Seriously, whenever I see him, my head goes “PRESENTS! Ask if he wants chocolate!” xD

Now, I don’t have much else to say, I think. So I’ll end with a badly taken picture of Adel, where she portrays her feelings for the people who waited in line to have their book signed by Katie “Jordan” Price:

*faints of frustration*

*faints of frustration*

She cries *sob*

Haha! Alright, see you all later, then!
Love and respect,

– L A ❤


Today has been GRE-AT!
Woke up early (have to, since I need to take my medicine at certain times of the day.), with this amazing feeling inside, like everything is complete, things are perfect, and got the urge to listen to Adam Lambert’s “Music Again”. Such days requires songs like this! So, with his complete album “For Your Entertainment” in my hand, I head for work, finish early, and get back home. But since I was so quickly done, I now had MUCH time on my hands. Figuring I am going to two concerts this week, I should check if there is any homework to be done… I realized I had been sent the grade of my Chosen Project in International English (Særemnet i Engelsk for nordmenn :p) and MY GOSH! I’ve got an A! In written English! I am now hoping to maintain this grade to the end of the year, together with the A I got in oral English last semester. It would really be a huge plus, since I’m applying for schools in England and all ^__^

So, well. Needless to say, I did not check for any more homework, I just went straight to the car to drive around in my little, happy bubble of ecstasy! (No drugs included!) Ended up going to a friend of mine, but shortly after my arrival, we decided to go for a road trip. None of us looking like we’ve really gotten out of bed today, we decided not to go anywhere in particular, just driving around. Well, I would do the driving, and she would do the guiding. And the games begun! Since her contact lenses are broken, she can’t really see much, so she just shouted out “RIGHT!”, “LEFT!”, “THAT WAY!” randomly, and since I have no sence of direction, we were on! After an hour, or something close to it, we ended up here:

As you might notice, there is a whole lot of snow around here nowadays. This snow is also covering pretty much all road signs in the area, making it pretty much impossible to determine where we were, or where we were going. But at the end of the day, we found this road:

So, as you can see, I was still pretty optimistic:

In the middle of (s)nowhere

In the middle of (s)nowhere

It’s not easy to make out, but I am wearing a hat. My head is not that flat and… weird.

We found a route that led back home, but right in the middle of it, we were completely lost. So we decided to do this again sometime 😀 Looking forward to that!

After driving Ariana back home to her place, I went home myself, and was asked out on a friend-date next friday. I AM GOING TO WATCH ALICE IN WONDERLAND NEXT FRIDAY! 😀 ZOMG!

As a sum up, my life is a bit more than average at this point:

– I watched “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” last week
– I will attend the La Roux concert on Tuesday
– I will attend the Tokio Hotel concert on Wednesday
– I will go see “Alice in Wonderland” with my best friend on Friday
– In two weeks, I will be in London, England
– In four weeks, it’ll be Easter (I SO LOVE EASTER!)

Yup, my life is pretty awesome right now.

So, take care, and check out Adam Lambert untill next time!
L A out