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Listen while reading 🙂

So, here I am again…
What is going on in my life?
Well, that’s the reason I haven’t been posting much: nothing. Nothing is going on in my life.
I quite like it, it’s not so stressful, and it allows me time to do fun stuff, to rest and to deal with my issues.
2011 has been a particularly bad year for me, with a lot of deaths and bad stuff. I’ve also been ill a lot, but this year is almost over – which gives me hope. When I look back at my life from now on, 2011 will be viewed as a black little space in my lifeline, but I want to come out of it and in later years be able to say “That year was shit, but you won’t believe all the fun I had in 2012!”

I have been a good girl and paid attention to Uni and coursework, I’ve actually showed up for all my lectures and seminars, and if I’ve missed a seminar, I’ve always arranged to go to another seminar to catch up with what I’ve lost. So I haven’t missed a thing. 🙂
I’ve also become a Departmental representative (Dep Rep), which turned out to be way more than expected.  When they pitch the position to you, they say “You’ll be representing all your fellow students in your department, and all you have to do is to go to four meetings per academic year”, which sounds simple enough, even though you learn during your first year that you’ve got about 200 fellow students. So being the Dep Rep for the Sociology department, I expected to represent 200 Sociology(Soc) students for the 2. year, and I expected there to be at least one other Rep alongside me. I was partly right in both expectations. I DO represent 200 Sociology students with at least one other Rep. But we’re four reps so far(from the 2. year Soc Students), and we represent both 2. and 3. year! Which means we’re representing about 400 students! And then there was the surprising turn of us also representing the MCS (Media and Cultural Study) students, which makes it about 800 people to represent! I find this hard to believe though, as we don’t have anything to so with these students, but the information I’ve got so far seems to point in that direction. I must admit, this whole Dep Rep job is a bit confusing, because we seem to only get information on a ‘need-to-know’-basis, except during the meetings, because then we get a lot of information on all sorts of stuff. It wasn’t until I got the first e-mail that I realised I’m in a some committee as well, and have to attend meetings with them. And then I got another e-mail about another committee, and another about yet another, and so on. Apparently, I am part of so many aspects of student/staff – student/university committees and organisations, I can’t even keep count. But I receive e-mails with details on where and when, so I manage to go to them (all except from one). And I’m still kind of liking it, even though it’s way more than expected.

If you’ve read some of my blog before, you might remember me saying that I wanted to get involved in projects where I help with and deal with children. I have been looking and looking, but apparently my searches have not been of good quality, because I’ve only just found something! But I’m way too excited about it to be sad that I couldn’t get involved at an earlier stage 😀 LUSU involve hasn’t been of any interest to me until after I became a Dep Rep, and it wasn’t until a friend of mine signed up for some of these projects, that I really started appreciating them. Hopefully, I’ll get the ever lovely Fani to join me on some of this too 🙂

But let’s move over to my more personal life, and end this whole educational rant 😛
With all my free time now, I’ve spent a whole lot of it catching up with different series and watched, and re-watched, a few films – which is one of the things I sort of need to do from time to time now, since I need to tire myself out mentally to be able to sleep or at least rest. But I’ve found a new show I’m sure a lot of you have heard of before, and I am in love – on so many levels!
American Horror Story, anyone? Heard of it? Yeah? No? Well, it is splendid! And the intro/opening alone is just… wow. If scary/horror-themed things could actually turn me on,  I’d be an open flame of sexual drives after watching it! The giddy feeling I get from it though, and the sort of… Love… I feel for the sheer fiction of it just overwhelms me when I think too hard about it.

As you can see, this video is mirrored, but it’s the best version I can find for now, so bare with it.

And one can obviously guess who I immediately fell in love with. Tate. Wow. It’s such a weird, twisted, sick thing and as if “falling in love” with a fictional character alone isn’t “bad” enough, I had to fall for the most twisted of them all. The dude is psycho, and I can’t help but think “don’t worry too much about it, you’re still allowed to like him!” As if?! If this was real life, I’d be sick even thinking about liking someone like that! But, luckily, this isn’t real life 😉

I have also re-discovered KoЯn, and how much I love them!

I have also re-discovered eBay! And MAN am I having fun!
I have ordered so many things by now, and I don’t know what to do with myself O_O
I have absolutely no self control when it comes to buying cheap stuff online xD
I’ve even bought the whole series of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ for £7.5 WITH SHIPPING!
I DID bid on the first edition of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe’, but my friend, being the little fucker he is, OVERBID ME! FIVE SECONDS BEFORE THE END! )@=(¤¤#%&(&/)(=”¤/”=!!!! I’m happy for him and all, but I wanted that book!
I have also bought some very amazing steampunk goggles, and as soon as I get them, I promise I will post a few pictures *overly happy* ❤

And last but not least, I have developed a passion for origami!
I’ve been making butterflies since *insert* after going to a Christian summer camp(don’t ask -___-), and I’ve sort of been known for leaving little butterflies here and there for people to find 🙂 Among those people are Charlotte, my flatmate, I left here some on her bed before I went home for the summer(together with a short letter), but I haven’t thought much of it until she the other day asked me “Do you know how to make paper swans?”
“Ehh… no?”
Two minutes pass.
“Do you want me to know how to make paper swans?”
And this resulted in an army of little paper things now residing in her room 🙂
At this point, I know how to make butterflies, swans, cranes, dragons, hearts, stars, elephants, orchids, koi, rose(sort of), and I’m continuously learning new things to make! Tomorrow, Charlotte and I are planning a little Creative Christmas Workshop for ourselves, where we’ll be making our own Christmas decorations, and I’ll try out some new origami techniques – I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT FOR THIS! 😀 We’ll be going shopping early tomorrow, trying to find candles and glitter and pretty paper and all sorts of fun arts and crafts stuff – and in the evening we’ll be creating Christmas in our home! 😀 This will be so much fun! =^__^=







This means I have also gone on eBay and ordered a whole lot of origami paper xD
But it’s worth it – definitely!

I guess this will be it from me for today.
I’ll see you in another life when we both are cats 🙂

– L A<3

Do you sometimes miss your childhood? I sure as hell does. So here’s to that!

Make sure you hit play before you scroll down any further!

And if you want a double treat:

And just to finish this whole thing off

(Take notice of his footwork… OMG! O_O)

And I’m back!
Or rather, on my way to getting back.

The last time I posted anything, my friend from upper elementary school and through secondary school had just died, and I was completely destroyed. After almost a week of being a complete mess, crying all the time and just sitting in my room, staring at the computer screen, or staring at the TV-screen in the kitchen, I went into a week of pure, plain apathy…

I stumbed upon my tutor one of the days, and we had a rather amusing conversation, even in my apathetic state of mind. After all the regular gibberish on “how are tings going?” and “If you need someone to talk to…” and we were preparing to say goodbye, this conversation unfolds:
Tutor: “So, what are you doing tonight?”
Me: “Auhhmmmm…. o_O Nothing? Staring at the wall, I guess… Cry a bit more.. You know, the usual.” (While asking myself “What the HECK is this man thinking??”)
Tutor: “I don’t know if this is too random and out of place but…” *pause to think, while my brain is starting to do the maths on what sort of promiscuous and non-promiscuous statements that could follow these lines*
Tutor: “Have you ever heard of… or do you even.. Do you know of anime?”
Me: *while thanking any higher power there might be out there* “ANIME?! Oh great God, I LOVE it! I LOVE anime!”
Tutor: “Then do you know what you’re going to do? Screw homework, screw socials, screw everything else. Nothing will be fun at all when you’re feeling like this, so what you need to do is to stare at something. I want you to go home and find films and whatever and just STARE at stuff. And I’m not really into anime, but I’ve been watching this show called “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, and the story and everything is just SO good! It’s so complex and everything, and if you want to and have the ability to, I think you should check that out. And forget what I said about “screw homework”, this IS your homework!”

So even though I was pretty down, this brightened my mood a bit.
And I took his advice, got hold of “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and watched the show.
And he was right, it’s was actually really good.
So if you haven’t seen it already, go check it out. NOW! 😉

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fun part was when I stumbled into him in the library, and he asked if I’d checked out the show, and when I replied that I had, and that I liked it, he asked me how far I’d come. At the time I was on episode 49, and upon hearing my answer his eyes widened and he exclaimed (rather loudly, specially since we were in the LIBRARY):
“You’re on episode 49?? You’ve watched it for what… 4 days? I’ve spent 4 MONTHS and I’m only on episode 53!”
Being nice and polite, I didn’t feel like correcting him when he said 4 days. It’d been 4 days since he told me about it, but I still had Glee, Bones and Chuck episodes to catch up on, so I’d only been watching it for 2 days xD
Well, that’s how it goes, I guess. When even the slightest thing happen, my sleep pattern fucks up. Or, just changes, rather. I usually end up going 48 hours straight, without sleep, and then I sleep for 14 hours, before I go back to 48 hours straight without, then 14 hours of sleep and so the cycle goes.

I got to go home for my friends funeral, though. But just barely. Still felt nice.
The only problem I had, was that I was supposed to land in Norway 11:55 PM on Thursday, and be in Drammen about 1-1:30 AM. I was there 11:15 PM! On Friday! And the funeral began at 12:00 PM!
BTW, I would NEVER recommend changing in a car. But if you ever do, then remember the trucks. They’re so tall, they can look right in through your window. From above. They’ll see everything. EVERYTHING. But the funeral…
It was horrible sitting there in the church, crying and crying and crying, trying to not make too much sound.
I don’t really think I succeeded on that one, though xP
It still made it easier for me to say goodbye to him. I’ll miss him.

So, anyway… Obviously, I’m far behind with my coursework (I’ve got extensions though! No worries there 😉 ), and have been trying to spend some time catching up on that. Still not done, but working on it.

OH! And I’ve also started to make my own, little Paint-made family tree!
It’s not good, but the whole family is so confusing, I need something to put them down on and to reference when I’m lost on who ‘s who 😛 If you’d like, you can see it. I’ll post it. I’ve been careful, there are no full names there or anything. Not even last names. At least you’ll be able to get the rough idea of how my family is. But remember, I’ve only just started, so it’s nowhere NEARLY finished!



Oh! And this Sunday, I had much fun with the LGBTQ Society!
It was Bond-night and we dressed accordingly. But as I wanted to get into character, I asked my flatmate, Dave, if he had a watch that was more Bond-like than the one I have. As he responded that he had, I added that it was for a fancy dress party at a night out, so as long as it wasn’t expensive, then could I borrow it? Well, it was a little expensive, but it had some scratches and all, so I could still borrow it. No longer worried about getting a suitable watch, I came to pick it up Sunday evening, and as I’m putting it on, I notice a familiar symbol on the metal bar. So I turn my wrist to look at the watch, and HOLY FUCK ME WITH A CHAINSAW! It’s a fucking Armani! Who the fuck borrows out an Armani for a night out?? O_O But in the end, I decided I could wear it anyway, and I was VERY careful not to break it or anything.

Some People Are Gay - Get Over It!

Some People Are Gay - Get Over It!

And I think that is it from me for now.
I’ll see ya around!
– L A ❤

January 6th, I sat down to write a blog post, but I ran out of battery, and I couldn’t find the post after I’d plugged in the charger. Today I found it. So I’ll post it today instead. Almost 2 months later xD

Hey guys! I’ve been gone for a while, but I have the excuse everyone at this time of year has: Christmas and New Years 🙂

But first; The last time I updated you guys on anything, all I mentioned was my new tattoo. I failed to mention the fact that I was going to go home for the holidays December 17nth! Luckily, I didn’t, because that would have ended up a blatant lie. Due to the lack of NIGHT TRAINS in England’s more “rural” areas, O C, Charlotte and I had to leave for Manchester Airport on Thursday the 16nth. The PLAN was that I was going to bring my luggage up to O C’s place at 6PM, and the same would Charlotte, so that we could eat some pizza and have a good time together before we got in a taxi at about ten to 9PM and take the direct train to Manchester Airport. But when I arrived, ON TIME for once, O C popped her head out of the door and said “Hey, just go to the kitchen, I still have coursework”.

My first thought was “WHAT??”. I mean, come on? We’d known for so long that we were going to leave that day, so I find just the thought of this to be ridiculous. But, I should not judge, as I myself has procrastinated way too much, and have just barely been able to hand in my essays on time. Eventually she decides that she will finish her coursework at the airport, seeing as we would be spending quite a lot of time there, waiting for our flight at 6:04AM. O C and I had missed the 9 o’clock train, but luckily, there was a 10 o’clock connection-train. Not so luckily: it was very delayed. Which resulted in the two of us running for our lives across the platform and just missed our connection by a short staircase. Fuck. But, we felt our luck turn as we found another train, which would be the last train, and realized we had some time on our hands before it would arrive at Preston. It was really cold outside, so we found a little waiting room, and sat down. We took our time, and got up with a good 10 minutes to go before the train would arrive. Wrong. The timetable stated the wrong time, and again, we found ourselves abandoned by our connection at the bottom of the exact same staircase. Stop! Taxi-time! With little money and lot’s of luggage, things were getting pretty annoying, and the trip in the taxi was in no way fun. Bloody £90, for Christ’s sake!

Airport View

Airport View

In the end, we arrived at the airport, and waited for our check-in to open. I kid you not, our luck was worse than Darth Vader pick-up lines! Because now, our flight was delayed and cancelled. Hooray! We had to get in line for customer service, which was a painful, life-killing thing at about three hours in length. From our point at least. But, I am now officially getting tired of writing about the trip, so I’ll try and make the rest short:
Queues, lines, waiting, sleeping, cancellations, delays, queuing, waiting, delays, lines, cancellations, sleeping and so 3-4 days passed. Oh yes. At around half 4, Sunday 19nth, I was finally back in Norway. Oh, what glorious feeling ❤ And because of all the trouble I had with getting home, my mum has been extremely nice to me all this time. She hasn’t even asked me to do any chores or anything! Awesome. And she got me this:



Introducing: Mrs. Weasley ❤ Haha ^^  I could always wish 😛
I’ve been wearing my Gryffindor scarf so much more lately.

And she’s been really awesome about Christmas presents!
I’ve got new p-jays, a new dress, money to buy myself a ticket for the L8 convention(!!!), and a whole lot of fun stuff.
I love my mum, I really do. I haven’t said it much, but I actually love her. Over these holidays, I’ve been talking a whole lot with big sis, and we’ve discussed our childhoods. That’s one of the things that brings her and I together, because we had very similar lives and lifestyles when we were younger, and I think the conversations opened our eyes quite a bit. I appreciate my mother so much more after these conversations, and when I got home, the first thing I did was to thank mum and tell her I love her. The way she’s really pulled through for me even though I was too young to understand. And my situation has never been easy, specially after we moved to the village we live in now, but mum has done so much for me to make sure I don’t feel completely left out. She’s really amazing. And so is Ariana’s mum. I love them both 🙂 And I think big sis also have a new-found appreciation for her mother now.

I’m not going to be any more sentimental, and move on now.

New Years Eve was okay, not what I had expected. I actually had a date, but she got sick, which is okay, because I was really nervous about the whole thing. I’m not sure I want to go on a date with her. But I figured I could give it a try ^_^
Anyway, I had a few friends over for dinner, and mum served turkey<3 YUM! 😀 Haha ^^ But I didn’t drink any alcohol, which gave me the opportunity to use the car afterwards, which was very fun 🙂 I’m not too fond of fireworks, and since the really big and pretty ones have been banned in Norway, I decided to have myself a little Tim Burton-marathon in stead of going outside over midnight, and believe me… It was so much more fun! I seriously love Tim Burton! ❤ I sort of wish he had done the last Harry Potter film, but I’m quite satisfied with Yates work ^^

I love being home in Norway, because that means I can DOWNLOAD SO MUCH!!! Hooray! I’m going a bit crazy, and I’m pretty sure I’m not capable of downloading everything I want to before I have to go back, but even so… Happy! 😀

Now, I better end this post, and get something to eat before I put on a film, and head for bed.
– L A out<3

Believe In Yourself

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O hai!
Remember that DailyBooth-secret I was talking about?
Here it is:

10 points if you know what it is ;)

10 points if you know what it is 😉

Why did I title this “Believe In Yourself”?
Because of Sons of Admirals, obviously!

Merry Christmas
– L A ❤

My, my, my…

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Has it really been this long since last we spoke?
Oh dear, that is not good!

So, what has been going on since last time?
Well, honestly? …not much.
Except, you know… HALLOWEEN!

I am such a Halloween-freak, it amazes even me.
And a gore/horror-lover to the freakish extent.
On the 31. October, Charlotte came to my place, and we watched “Nightmare on Elm Street” (I love those movies!), and when we were done, we met up with Pia, and went to see “Saw 6” in 3D at VUE cinema in Lancaster. Not too bad of a cinema, really.
The movie itself weren’t too bad either. I mean, it’s not exactly something new, now is it? Nothing revolutionizing. And I was under the impression that the movie was designed so that the traps came towards you. That was fail!
BUT! It DID contain a scene with a trap similar to my favourite! Does anyone remember me posting a picture of a man chained to the floor and ceiling the first time I mentioned my “Saw” addiction? Luff! ❤

Now, I don’t have any pictures from the last couple of days, or any extravagant information to give you, so I think I’ll leave it at this.

Oh, and just a small notice: I might be more vacant the next month, as I have decided to join NaNoWriMo this year.

See ya!
– L A<3

Now now now, what have you guys been up to since last time?

I’ve basically just spent my time in the car, or emptying bags and floors for schoolrelated things.
It’s so absolutely fantastic to be done with 13 years of school! Finally I can do something I WANT to do!

Hey, shush! But I’ve found a really nice guy.
My age and all. Stupid schools in England.
But shush! No one knows!

AND TODAY I GAVE IN! I now have spotify. *ashamed*

So, it must be time for my entertainment updates!

In the time I have been lazy and procrastinating, I have managed to watch all the “The Exorcist” movies, the three first “Child’s Play” movies, “Lady in the Water”, the two first “Fast and the furious” movies, “Disturbia”, the “The Omen” trilogi, “Just Friends”, and “The Runaways”.

The Exorcist was okay. The first two were the best, though. The story sort of “got lost on the way” through the last couple of movies. And I hated the fact that #4 and #5 are pretty much the same story!

The Omen was… BORING! Geeez. The story COULD have been good, but seriously? I know they’re from the 70’s, but hello! Even 70’s PORN has got more action than these.
…not that I would know that, of course.

Child’s Play were sort of entertaining, though. Of course, they could have stopped after the first or second movie. I ended up with the “How fucking HARD can it be to kill a DOLL???”-impression afterwards.

Lady in the Water was.. okay. Nothing special, really. Probably inspired by a manga or something. It’s likable. And sort of believable xD

The Fast and the Furious almost ended with me getting speeding tickets. Inspiring. And now that our own car has said bye for a while, and we’re driving an Audi A3, things are going FAST! ❤

Disturbia was nice. Just my kind of movie; a lot of humor, adrenalin and gore. Yup, exactly my cup of tea.

Just Friends was funny, charming, interesting and entertainin, but a bit too much. And predictable.

The Runaways however is a different story. The story of Joan Jets and Cherie Currie and how they ended up with forming the band “The Runaways” and the story of what happend during and after they first met. Actually a likable movie, and I was surprised that I could actually watch it without constantly seeing Kristen Stewart as “Bella” (from Twilight) instead of Jean Jets. And the chemistry between her and Dakota Fanning is absolutely amazing. If you’re intereseted in music, this would actually be worth your time.

From the shooting of "The Runaways"

From the shooting of "The Runaways"

As for music, I have been inspired by Graham Norton (show) and the “The Runaways” movie.
From Graham Norton, I learned that Rod Stewart isn’t all that bad, actually.
And from “The Runnaways” I remembered how awesome Suzi Quatro is, and that I actually like Joan Jets!

+ if you’d like a whole lot of different songs, download the soundtracks to the “The L Word” TV-series. So much nice summer music. And so much hardcore “I’m a effin chick, get over it!”-music! Lovely ^___^

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro

And speaking of which! It’s “Skeive Dager” in Oslo nowadays! Skeive Dager is a pridefestival, where LGBT people from all over Norway meet and celebrate that we live in a country where we can be “out and proud”. I’m going there with a whole lot of friends this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it! Missed it last year, but two years ago it was AMAZING! ❤
Oh well, I’ll see ye around!

So, as stated in my previous post: someone stole my iPod. My wonderful, wonderful iPod. An iPod Touch 32GB, to be exact. *sad face*

But, since it’s Easter, I will not mourn the loss for much longer!
And, since it’s Easter, of course I got ill. Now I’ve got the flu. Oh yeah!
Really, after the surgery and the infection, I am quite positive my Immune system just vanished. Zero, nix and nada is left of it, and the minute I walk into a room, I stumble upon a new and fascinating illness. Wonderful.
I though I was fine, untill I got home from school on friday and threw up even before I got to close the door. Just like that, no warning. I went to bed, only I realized I had a fever. 38.7 celcius. Faaaaan-tastic!

So I spent friday, saturday and sunday doing… well, nothing really. Staying in a dark room, watching season 1 and 2 of Bones doesn’t really count as “doing” anything. I think.

Monday, however, my mum stayed in, and I went to work. I should probably add here that my mother is the daily manager for the Norwegian compartment of the firm I work for. So, yes. That felt a bit odd. But I am happy non the less.
Did the same thing on Tuesday, and after work both days, I went to Karolines house to watch movies, chill and blabber. Good times. Oh, and check out her sci-fi remote control! 😮

Ooooh, shiney!

Ooooh, shiney!

How amazingly sci-fi isn't that? xD

How amazingly sci-fi isn't that? xD

I love being at Karolines. It’s so comfortable and warm and her family is so welcoming. I sort of feel really at home there. Love her to bits<3

Something else I love to bits is music!
And I love re-discovering music I used to listen to.
My most recent ones are these:

The Clash
Declan Galbraith
Guano Apes
Three Days Grace
Samy Deluxe

All bands I used to like, listened to till I got sick of them, and then halfway forgot them.
I won’t be talking too much about all of them, but I shall mention a few things.

The Clash

The Clash

The Clash:
“London Calling” was probably in my blood from the day I was born, and “Should I Stay or Should I Go” has grown on me. After watching “Billy Elliot” about 5 years ago, I had a “Clash-period”. Now it’s Clash time again!



I just realized… I must subconsciously LOVE German music. At the very least, these guys has rocked the dance floor a couple of times through my childhood. And I know this will make me seem like I objectify her and it makes me seem like a sexist, Natalie Horler is HOT!



This good ol’ 70’s band is sort of my mothers idea. It’s her kind of thing, I guess. And I suppose it has rubbed off on me. A little bit. She took me to a concert with them as a birthday present. They’re pretty old by now. But they can rock! In the good, old, old way! 😀



There’s really just one thing to say: “10.000 lovers (in one)“.



Got my eyes up for this guy around the time they were making the first (well, second, actually) movie about the Pevensie kids who visits the wonderful, magical land in the back of a wardrobe. Yes, I am talking about The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. TobyMac did a song about Narnia, and I fell in love. Then I heard “Made To Love” and was addicted. Then I learned he made “Made To Love” to God. Suddenly I was cured. But now I’m sort of back on track again 😉

Declan Galbraith

Declan Galbraith

Declan Galbraith:
The kid with the angel voice. I absolutely adore him. And yes, he is handsome. And cute. And famous. And waaaay out of our league. But who the hell cares, LOOK AT HIM! No wait, never mind that. Do the opposite. Do NOT look at him. Close your eyes. And then listen.
…Wow. I know, right? Goosebumps. ❤



Not as famous as I would want them to be. Though, there is only one song they have that completely takes my breath away. “Drums of War”. Seriously, it’s old, but it’s still worth your time.

Guano Apes

Guano Apes

Guano Apes:
This little lady blows my mind. With the song “Open Your Eyes”, she quite literally opened my eyes. Not only is this amazingly good, coming from this petite woman, it’s bloody brilliant! I was sort of shocked the first time I learned how she looked. She’s not ugly, that’s not it. She’s just not what you expect after hearing her voice.

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace:
Now this is a band I simply just can’t stay away from for too long. The vocalists voice just… chills me out. I am amazed at how he can use his voice like that. Now, this band has given me many favourite songs, and one of them is probably the theme song to my life. “Let’s start a riot”. I don’t know what I would have done without that song. It just… suits me. And I feel awesome every time I hear it. They have also given me “I hate everything about you”, which I wholeheartedly dedicate to my ex-girlfriend, Iselin. I used to listen to it right after I dumped her. It made me feel both better and more sad at the same time. “Pain” is also a good choice, if you decide to check them out. So is the rest of their songs. :p

Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe:
This dude rocks my world! I should give a big shout-out to Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, for just being pure awesome and therefor introducing me to this artist. Because the truth is, had I not read in EVERY article I could find about Tokio Hotel that Samy Deluxe was Toms absolute favourite artist, I would never have discovered him. So kudos, Mr. Kaulitz! And THANK YOU! Deluxe has blown my mind and stolen my heart for a couple of years now. With songs like “Generation”, “Grüne Bille”, “Weck Mich Auf”, “Einfach Ich”, “Dis Wo Ich Herkomm”, “Outta Hier” and many others, I have felt like I’m too cool for school so many times, and he has saved my day with his great lyrics (at least the ones I’ve googled to see what means xP) and awesome beats! The last couple of days, he has been my saviour, and I have enjoyed every moment I am in the car thoroughly. One of these days, I will learn to speak German. And then I’m gonna be a rap star!
Hahaha! xD

Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe

And then, just for the heck of it, since we’re already so deep into the music, and going in the rap-field, I want to add this song: Eminem. I just can’t get enough of it. I will never stop loving that song.

Now, one of the reasons to why I am so into finding back to my old music is because I made a deal with my mother. She offered that if I give up my easter egg(which is HUGE), she would help me buy A BRAND NEW iPOD! 😮
And look!

Brand new iPod <3

Brand new iPod ❤

On Wednesday I got one!
I luuuuvz eet ❤

It’s got 64GB memory instead of the lousy 32 I had. Which obviously weren’t enough anyway.
I am having so much fun with this one 😀 It even, actually works! 😀 *fun times*

Can’t really remember what happened on thursday, but on friday I went to Karolines place again. ^^
I was only supposed to meet her boyfriend, but was invited to dinner. When I planned on eloping, reclining dinner, they ambushed me with grandfathers who said I should. They had already put out a plate for me and everything. So I stayed. I regret nothing. The dinner was absolutely fantastic, and the company was great! I still feel uncomfortable around adult males, and I notice this particularly around my friends fathers. But I can cope with it. As long as they don’t drink! 😀 Especially not beer. The smell of beer + adult male = me scared shitless. I should blame my “father” for that. But it’s okay. It’s not like I find myself in such a situation every day anyways, so the few times it happens, I can handle it. ^__^

Saturday was an even, though. The father has got a new lady. He’s got a new lady, WITH KIDS! Guess the old man is finally settling in. That might be good. I couldn’t really care much less than what I already do. It worries me a bit, because of my sister, but other than that, I don’t really give a shit about him. He’s just a guy our family know. Not a dad. Specially not mine. No, he’s just one of those friends you have because they know a lot of good stories and jokes and are really fun to hang around with. But nothing else. Not to me at least. I do appreciate him, though. That should be said.
And yes, saturday. Suddenly, I just HAD to come over to him. (It’s a long, complicated story, involving his many lies, and me being wicked mad at him, but only in secret, because he doesn’t even deserve to know.) So, I had to come and meet his new family. One of the older kids were “home” for a visiting. She usually lives on the other side of the country. The event was… rather uneventful. And a bit weird and awkward, actually. But I got to see my sister! And I got to give her the gift I got her in England. You should have seen her face. She really lit up. I think I hit the nail spot on! Her smile really does warm me, you know. Anything I do, I would twice for her. ❤

Sisters <3

Sisters ❤

Sunday was… fine. We had a friend of mine, Kristine, and her family over for coffee and brownies. For some reason, I am really bad in the kitchen. Trust me, I could burn water! Really, I could! But the brownies I made… wow. They were brilliant! I have no idea why they were so perfect, I have no idea how I did it, but it was amazing! I think I just had a moment there. Anyways, I spent the evening in my room, playing some of my music for the others. Had to prove that I ACTUALLY listen to ALL sorts of music. I could never “pick my poison”. :p The evening was okay, I think 😀

Monday, was a tad bit more fun! After sleeping pretty much all the day, I tried to get hold of a friend of mine, who were only going to stay for so long. Unfortunately, she was already on her way home when I finally got hold of her. So I got hold of another one of my friends, since she was finally back home from Northern Norway! Ina, one of my best friends, and probably the one that has known me the longest of all of my friends. After I picked her up, we went for a safe road trip. Meaning we only went to places we knew by roads we knew. But it was a road trip none the less. (And for those of you who care, we went from Solbergelva to Vestfossen, over to Mjøndalen and then back to Skotselva, before we went all the way to Sande, and then headed home.) We had loads of fun, and we’re probably the only girls that can go from blasting out the Star Wars soundtrack for 20 minutes, to howling along with Westlife for the next hour or so, and then when we get home, sob to the sad movie “El Laberinto del Fauno”, while laughing because the faun really looks like a friend of ours(well, mine, mostly). Aaaah, what a lovely day. Drove her home at 1 AM or so. Her poor little brother had to get up and open the door, because she forgot her keys. Oh well ❤

Tuesday was as uneventful as ever, and today began school. Hell to the yeah! Ugh… -____-
Of course, I got ill at the end of the day, causing me to throw up and get a massive headache, plus fever. But it was manageable, and passed away after a couple of hours. Though, it got me worried. Am I really fine now? :p

I should end this with a short note about movies too. I feel obligated to do so, as I have watched far too many of them recently. Okay, going first:

You have to watch Bones. Such an amazing show. (Okay, not a movie, but still… I’ve got them on DVD?)

El Laberinto del Fauno!
Honestly, if you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed out on something. Big time!

National Treasure I & II
They are quite different from each other, but highly amusing non the less! A bit childish, but I don’t care. Good times ^__^

Without a Paddle
O.M.G. Hilarious! Really, it is quite the comedy! A feel-good movie, even when it hits rock bottom. Go waste your time on this!

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
For us fantasy-freaks and geeks, this is absolutely the movie one has to see. The mix of normal everyday life, greek mythology and pretty darn good special effects. Definitely worth watching!

Imagine Me & You
Without a doubt one of my favourite movies, if not THE favourite movie. I love it so much! The characters are well played, and well written, the dialog is good and works VERY well with the faces and places of the movie. The song is addictive, and I keep finding myself missing the movie from time to time. Go see ❤

P.S. I Love You
Oh Jesus, this movie is brilliant. And it has Gerard Butler in it! When a movie has Gerard Butler in it, you know you can love it. This might be a bit on the sad side of the emotional scale, but never mind that. The movie is actually good! (and it has Gerard Butler in it!) Plot is amazing, and lines fit characters and situations perfectly. And it really made me miss “Jerry”, even though he is fictional, and I have never met him. Best waste of time ever. Try it.

Now I will go have fun listening to my iPod while I take a long, hot shower.
I love showering. It makes me clean! 😀
L A out ❤

Is your life average?

So, my life has been quite uneventful the last couple of days.
It’s pretty much been school, school, sleep and school.

Though, I do have taken the time to watch all six of the “Saw” movies.
(Avoids the urge to use the word “adorable” to describe those movies.)

But the games… they are really… fucking awesome! I mean… They are complete mindfucks, but also… so complex and real and awful and horrid and… lovely. Honestly, I just love the idea of the games. I wouldn’t want it to happen in real life, of course not, but I am absolutely thrilled about the idea that people can become so completely… lost in their own way, so grotesque and morbid and cynic, that they make suck things happen. And the fact that someone has been able to think up these people and these ideas. I think I’ve found my husband/wife!

My favourit game (:

My favourite game (:

(Well, it’s my favourite, apart from the fact that there was no way out.)

Well, my grotesque side aside, I want to talk about something important.
It is usually made out of some sort of metal, has five wheels and runs on gas.
Yes, I am talking about cars.
As I am the sort-of-girly-girl I am, I don’t know much about cars, but I know which cars are the sexy ones!

And the one who rocks my world, is the Firebird Pontiac Trans Am 1979-81 with the T-roof:

Sexy shait <3

Sexy shait ❤

Yes, the same car the bad guy uses in the 2006 version of “The Hitcher”. Even so, I do not love it any less.

But, this car  is so far-fetched to dream about, so I have decided to go for something slightly less sexy, and slightly more… bad-ass. I present to you the almighty:

Hummer H3 Alpha

Hummer H3 Alpha

Of course, I would like it in carbon black metallic instead, but honestly… who would care? IT’S A MOTHERFUCKING HUMMER! Hell yeah! (Alright, this might be as far-fetched as the Firebird, but dude… buzz-killer!)

I am not really that much of a Hummer-fan. I think they’re scary-looking, roaring, big, ugly cars. But they are so BAD ASS! Seriously, both me and my friend, Karoline, agree whole-heartedly; The Hummer is so bad-ass, we have just GOT to get one. Each.

What is your favourite car?

I am so fucking sick right now. Really, I have caught a really bad cold (which started pretty much right after the Tokio Hotel concert. Georg? Tom?), in addition to all the other things that apparently are wrong with me. Hopefully, I will get well soon. Hopefully.

BUT! Happy times! It is now a minute left of saturday, which leaves me with 26 hours untill I will be on my way to England! Hallelujah! I am so looking forward to this! London Dungeon is awaiting! Again! And so is Old Bailey! (Honestly, how lucky can a girl get? :D) I must now go get some sleep, and tomorrow I will pack my clothes.
I might update before I leave, posting some pictures of some of the new clothes I have bought for the trip. I don’t know yet, we’ll see… (:

L A out (with a cold -___-) ❤

Today has been GRE-AT!
Woke up early (have to, since I need to take my medicine at certain times of the day.), with this amazing feeling inside, like everything is complete, things are perfect, and got the urge to listen to Adam Lambert’s “Music Again”. Such days requires songs like this! So, with his complete album “For Your Entertainment” in my hand, I head for work, finish early, and get back home. But since I was so quickly done, I now had MUCH time on my hands. Figuring I am going to two concerts this week, I should check if there is any homework to be done… I realized I had been sent the grade of my Chosen Project in International English (Særemnet i Engelsk for nordmenn :p) and MY GOSH! I’ve got an A! In written English! I am now hoping to maintain this grade to the end of the year, together with the A I got in oral English last semester. It would really be a huge plus, since I’m applying for schools in England and all ^__^

So, well. Needless to say, I did not check for any more homework, I just went straight to the car to drive around in my little, happy bubble of ecstasy! (No drugs included!) Ended up going to a friend of mine, but shortly after my arrival, we decided to go for a road trip. None of us looking like we’ve really gotten out of bed today, we decided not to go anywhere in particular, just driving around. Well, I would do the driving, and she would do the guiding. And the games begun! Since her contact lenses are broken, she can’t really see much, so she just shouted out “RIGHT!”, “LEFT!”, “THAT WAY!” randomly, and since I have no sence of direction, we were on! After an hour, or something close to it, we ended up here:

As you might notice, there is a whole lot of snow around here nowadays. This snow is also covering pretty much all road signs in the area, making it pretty much impossible to determine where we were, or where we were going. But at the end of the day, we found this road:

So, as you can see, I was still pretty optimistic:

In the middle of (s)nowhere

In the middle of (s)nowhere

It’s not easy to make out, but I am wearing a hat. My head is not that flat and… weird.

We found a route that led back home, but right in the middle of it, we were completely lost. So we decided to do this again sometime 😀 Looking forward to that!

After driving Ariana back home to her place, I went home myself, and was asked out on a friend-date next friday. I AM GOING TO WATCH ALICE IN WONDERLAND NEXT FRIDAY! 😀 ZOMG!

As a sum up, my life is a bit more than average at this point:

– I watched “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” last week
– I will attend the La Roux concert on Tuesday
– I will attend the Tokio Hotel concert on Wednesday
– I will go see “Alice in Wonderland” with my best friend on Friday
– In two weeks, I will be in London, England
– In four weeks, it’ll be Easter (I SO LOVE EASTER!)

Yup, my life is pretty awesome right now.

So, take care, and check out Adam Lambert untill next time!
L A out