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So, it’s been a long time since I last spoke to you guys, hasn’t it?
Well, I have my reasons. Las time, I mentioned that I’ve entered NaNoWriMo, so here’s a teaser of my story.

Helium Mind:

The story of a girl trapped inside her sisters body.
Unable to reach out for anyone, she is forced to live her life seeing,
hearing and feeling what her sister sees, hears and feels. Only one slight problem:
They live at Longfords “hidden corridor”, England’s most famous asylum.

The story as I have begun to form it, will be something like “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” meets “Inception”. And I’m planning on bringing in a bit of Japanese culture, and maybe some hints of Murakami Ryu’s thrillers? 😀

I hope it goes well, but I’m afraid I won’t reach the 50.000 words within the month of November. This will not mean I’m planning on abruptly ending the story, if I actually like what I end up with, I’ll probably try to continue it ^^
Thing is: I’ve got all my course work now, and I realised I’ll be quite busy this month.

Now, what else is new?
Oh yeah, I’ve come out to my family! And I chose quite the modern approach. I updated my Facebook profile to say “likes men and women” xD Haha! So far, no one has commented, but seriously… I still count it as coming out. So that’ll be a milestone: Tuesday 9th of November!
What changed my mind to do this, you ask? Well, I’ve joined the University’s LGBTQ society (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Queer), and I’ve been well accepted here. And my friends don’t mind it, not even my new friends! (Well, as it turns out, quite a few of them are queer themselves xP) And I’ve made good friends within the society, and I just didn’t see the point in keeping it “hidden”. Besides, I live far away from home now, so they won’t be bothered by my sexuality even if I find myself a girl I fancy. Oh, and even one of the Norwegian girls is lesbian, and here and I have sort of connected and bonded over this common thing. We even went together to the Canal Street Trip with the LGBTQ Society! Canal Street is the main street of the “Gay Village” of Manchester. And we had HEAPS of fun!



Awsumz! :D

Awsumz! 😀

OMG Roofz! :O

OMG Roofz! :O

Seriously loved that ceiling! ❤

What else can I mention?

Oh yeah, there was a huge ruckus in town the day Adel and I went shopping!



All the people you see in this picture… They’re either in a line in or out of the bookstore.
Why? Katie Price =____=
Seriously…. seriously?! Come one?
1) Why would all these people want to see that woman? (Not to mention that most of them were women, and there was NO limits as to age. 10-100, not kidding!)
2) What the hell could Jordan write a book about? (Specially something THAT interesting..?)
3) Why the FUCK would she chose to come to Lancaster??? Off all the godforsaken places on earth, she wanted to come here… WTF? o_O

But, I suppose it was a good thing for me, though. As her apparance seemed to keep people out of the stores I wanted to go to, and I ended up finding an amazing outfit for the Canal Street Trip! :O



Thing is: it’s a dress. So that would mean me… in a dress…
O_O But…

Oh well, it went fine. I actually got a whole lot of compliments, which was nice.
I still have a love/hate relationship with it. I mean: there is SO MUCH DRESS! When sitting down, I had to pull the whole thing up and rest it in my lap. ONE COULD SEE NO LAP! :O Yet, it’s übercute and it’s from Hell Bunny<3

Hmmm… What else should I mention?

Did I say mum sent me a parcel? If not, SHE DID!
I don’t have too many pictures of what it contained, but here’s the parcel itself!

I <3z mum

I <3z mum

And some of the things I got was:

Bed sheets, covers and pillowcases
FREIA MELKESJOKOLADE (Norwegian chocolate)
My pencil cases
My “Nightmare On Elm Street” box set ❤
Oh, and these awesome boxes to store things in:



They were sort of… folded. So I had to… unfold… them. Well, anyways, it didn’t take long, and they’re completely AWESOME! 😀 Mum’s cool.

But she did something a bit… uncool.
You know those advents calendars for kids? Usually you get those chocolate ones, right?
Well, mum gives me small presents for each day instead. Which is nice, except… SHE SENT THEM I OCTOBER!
Come on? How the hell am I supposed to wait one month and a week before I open my SEVENTEEN AWESOME PRESENTS?? :O The minute I spotted them, I had to force myself to hastily put them all in a bag, run into the hallway and ask the first person I could see it they could keep them. Which was David. And he could. And now I find myself constantly wanting to be nice to him! Hahaha ^^ Seriously, whenever I see him, my head goes “PRESENTS! Ask if he wants chocolate!” xD

Now, I don’t have much else to say, I think. So I’ll end with a badly taken picture of Adel, where she portrays her feelings for the people who waited in line to have their book signed by Katie “Jordan” Price:

*faints of frustration*

*faints of frustration*

She cries *sob*

Haha! Alright, see you all later, then!
Love and respect,

– L A ❤


So, as stated in my previous post: someone stole my iPod. My wonderful, wonderful iPod. An iPod Touch 32GB, to be exact. *sad face*

But, since it’s Easter, I will not mourn the loss for much longer!
And, since it’s Easter, of course I got ill. Now I’ve got the flu. Oh yeah!
Really, after the surgery and the infection, I am quite positive my Immune system just vanished. Zero, nix and nada is left of it, and the minute I walk into a room, I stumble upon a new and fascinating illness. Wonderful.
I though I was fine, untill I got home from school on friday and threw up even before I got to close the door. Just like that, no warning. I went to bed, only I realized I had a fever. 38.7 celcius. Faaaaan-tastic!

So I spent friday, saturday and sunday doing… well, nothing really. Staying in a dark room, watching season 1 and 2 of Bones doesn’t really count as “doing” anything. I think.

Monday, however, my mum stayed in, and I went to work. I should probably add here that my mother is the daily manager for the Norwegian compartment of the firm I work for. So, yes. That felt a bit odd. But I am happy non the less.
Did the same thing on Tuesday, and after work both days, I went to Karolines house to watch movies, chill and blabber. Good times. Oh, and check out her sci-fi remote control! 😮

Ooooh, shiney!

Ooooh, shiney!

How amazingly sci-fi isn't that? xD

How amazingly sci-fi isn't that? xD

I love being at Karolines. It’s so comfortable and warm and her family is so welcoming. I sort of feel really at home there. Love her to bits<3

Something else I love to bits is music!
And I love re-discovering music I used to listen to.
My most recent ones are these:

The Clash
Declan Galbraith
Guano Apes
Three Days Grace
Samy Deluxe

All bands I used to like, listened to till I got sick of them, and then halfway forgot them.
I won’t be talking too much about all of them, but I shall mention a few things.

The Clash

The Clash

The Clash:
“London Calling” was probably in my blood from the day I was born, and “Should I Stay or Should I Go” has grown on me. After watching “Billy Elliot” about 5 years ago, I had a “Clash-period”. Now it’s Clash time again!



I just realized… I must subconsciously LOVE German music. At the very least, these guys has rocked the dance floor a couple of times through my childhood. And I know this will make me seem like I objectify her and it makes me seem like a sexist, Natalie Horler is HOT!



This good ol’ 70’s band is sort of my mothers idea. It’s her kind of thing, I guess. And I suppose it has rubbed off on me. A little bit. She took me to a concert with them as a birthday present. They’re pretty old by now. But they can rock! In the good, old, old way! 😀



There’s really just one thing to say: “10.000 lovers (in one)“.



Got my eyes up for this guy around the time they were making the first (well, second, actually) movie about the Pevensie kids who visits the wonderful, magical land in the back of a wardrobe. Yes, I am talking about The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. TobyMac did a song about Narnia, and I fell in love. Then I heard “Made To Love” and was addicted. Then I learned he made “Made To Love” to God. Suddenly I was cured. But now I’m sort of back on track again 😉

Declan Galbraith

Declan Galbraith

Declan Galbraith:
The kid with the angel voice. I absolutely adore him. And yes, he is handsome. And cute. And famous. And waaaay out of our league. But who the hell cares, LOOK AT HIM! No wait, never mind that. Do the opposite. Do NOT look at him. Close your eyes. And then listen.
…Wow. I know, right? Goosebumps. ❤



Not as famous as I would want them to be. Though, there is only one song they have that completely takes my breath away. “Drums of War”. Seriously, it’s old, but it’s still worth your time.

Guano Apes

Guano Apes

Guano Apes:
This little lady blows my mind. With the song “Open Your Eyes”, she quite literally opened my eyes. Not only is this amazingly good, coming from this petite woman, it’s bloody brilliant! I was sort of shocked the first time I learned how she looked. She’s not ugly, that’s not it. She’s just not what you expect after hearing her voice.

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace:
Now this is a band I simply just can’t stay away from for too long. The vocalists voice just… chills me out. I am amazed at how he can use his voice like that. Now, this band has given me many favourite songs, and one of them is probably the theme song to my life. “Let’s start a riot”. I don’t know what I would have done without that song. It just… suits me. And I feel awesome every time I hear it. They have also given me “I hate everything about you”, which I wholeheartedly dedicate to my ex-girlfriend, Iselin. I used to listen to it right after I dumped her. It made me feel both better and more sad at the same time. “Pain” is also a good choice, if you decide to check them out. So is the rest of their songs. :p

Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe:
This dude rocks my world! I should give a big shout-out to Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, for just being pure awesome and therefor introducing me to this artist. Because the truth is, had I not read in EVERY article I could find about Tokio Hotel that Samy Deluxe was Toms absolute favourite artist, I would never have discovered him. So kudos, Mr. Kaulitz! And THANK YOU! Deluxe has blown my mind and stolen my heart for a couple of years now. With songs like “Generation”, “Grüne Bille”, “Weck Mich Auf”, “Einfach Ich”, “Dis Wo Ich Herkomm”, “Outta Hier” and many others, I have felt like I’m too cool for school so many times, and he has saved my day with his great lyrics (at least the ones I’ve googled to see what means xP) and awesome beats! The last couple of days, he has been my saviour, and I have enjoyed every moment I am in the car thoroughly. One of these days, I will learn to speak German. And then I’m gonna be a rap star!
Hahaha! xD

Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe

And then, just for the heck of it, since we’re already so deep into the music, and going in the rap-field, I want to add this song: Eminem. I just can’t get enough of it. I will never stop loving that song.

Now, one of the reasons to why I am so into finding back to my old music is because I made a deal with my mother. She offered that if I give up my easter egg(which is HUGE), she would help me buy A BRAND NEW iPOD! 😮
And look!

Brand new iPod <3

Brand new iPod ❤

On Wednesday I got one!
I luuuuvz eet ❤

It’s got 64GB memory instead of the lousy 32 I had. Which obviously weren’t enough anyway.
I am having so much fun with this one 😀 It even, actually works! 😀 *fun times*

Can’t really remember what happened on thursday, but on friday I went to Karolines place again. ^^
I was only supposed to meet her boyfriend, but was invited to dinner. When I planned on eloping, reclining dinner, they ambushed me with grandfathers who said I should. They had already put out a plate for me and everything. So I stayed. I regret nothing. The dinner was absolutely fantastic, and the company was great! I still feel uncomfortable around adult males, and I notice this particularly around my friends fathers. But I can cope with it. As long as they don’t drink! 😀 Especially not beer. The smell of beer + adult male = me scared shitless. I should blame my “father” for that. But it’s okay. It’s not like I find myself in such a situation every day anyways, so the few times it happens, I can handle it. ^__^

Saturday was an even, though. The father has got a new lady. He’s got a new lady, WITH KIDS! Guess the old man is finally settling in. That might be good. I couldn’t really care much less than what I already do. It worries me a bit, because of my sister, but other than that, I don’t really give a shit about him. He’s just a guy our family know. Not a dad. Specially not mine. No, he’s just one of those friends you have because they know a lot of good stories and jokes and are really fun to hang around with. But nothing else. Not to me at least. I do appreciate him, though. That should be said.
And yes, saturday. Suddenly, I just HAD to come over to him. (It’s a long, complicated story, involving his many lies, and me being wicked mad at him, but only in secret, because he doesn’t even deserve to know.) So, I had to come and meet his new family. One of the older kids were “home” for a visiting. She usually lives on the other side of the country. The event was… rather uneventful. And a bit weird and awkward, actually. But I got to see my sister! And I got to give her the gift I got her in England. You should have seen her face. She really lit up. I think I hit the nail spot on! Her smile really does warm me, you know. Anything I do, I would twice for her. ❤

Sisters <3

Sisters ❤

Sunday was… fine. We had a friend of mine, Kristine, and her family over for coffee and brownies. For some reason, I am really bad in the kitchen. Trust me, I could burn water! Really, I could! But the brownies I made… wow. They were brilliant! I have no idea why they were so perfect, I have no idea how I did it, but it was amazing! I think I just had a moment there. Anyways, I spent the evening in my room, playing some of my music for the others. Had to prove that I ACTUALLY listen to ALL sorts of music. I could never “pick my poison”. :p The evening was okay, I think 😀

Monday, was a tad bit more fun! After sleeping pretty much all the day, I tried to get hold of a friend of mine, who were only going to stay for so long. Unfortunately, she was already on her way home when I finally got hold of her. So I got hold of another one of my friends, since she was finally back home from Northern Norway! Ina, one of my best friends, and probably the one that has known me the longest of all of my friends. After I picked her up, we went for a safe road trip. Meaning we only went to places we knew by roads we knew. But it was a road trip none the less. (And for those of you who care, we went from Solbergelva to Vestfossen, over to Mjøndalen and then back to Skotselva, before we went all the way to Sande, and then headed home.) We had loads of fun, and we’re probably the only girls that can go from blasting out the Star Wars soundtrack for 20 minutes, to howling along with Westlife for the next hour or so, and then when we get home, sob to the sad movie “El Laberinto del Fauno”, while laughing because the faun really looks like a friend of ours(well, mine, mostly). Aaaah, what a lovely day. Drove her home at 1 AM or so. Her poor little brother had to get up and open the door, because she forgot her keys. Oh well ❤

Tuesday was as uneventful as ever, and today began school. Hell to the yeah! Ugh… -____-
Of course, I got ill at the end of the day, causing me to throw up and get a massive headache, plus fever. But it was manageable, and passed away after a couple of hours. Though, it got me worried. Am I really fine now? :p

I should end this with a short note about movies too. I feel obligated to do so, as I have watched far too many of them recently. Okay, going first:

You have to watch Bones. Such an amazing show. (Okay, not a movie, but still… I’ve got them on DVD?)

El Laberinto del Fauno!
Honestly, if you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed out on something. Big time!

National Treasure I & II
They are quite different from each other, but highly amusing non the less! A bit childish, but I don’t care. Good times ^__^

Without a Paddle
O.M.G. Hilarious! Really, it is quite the comedy! A feel-good movie, even when it hits rock bottom. Go waste your time on this!

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
For us fantasy-freaks and geeks, this is absolutely the movie one has to see. The mix of normal everyday life, greek mythology and pretty darn good special effects. Definitely worth watching!

Imagine Me & You
Without a doubt one of my favourite movies, if not THE favourite movie. I love it so much! The characters are well played, and well written, the dialog is good and works VERY well with the faces and places of the movie. The song is addictive, and I keep finding myself missing the movie from time to time. Go see ❤

P.S. I Love You
Oh Jesus, this movie is brilliant. And it has Gerard Butler in it! When a movie has Gerard Butler in it, you know you can love it. This might be a bit on the sad side of the emotional scale, but never mind that. The movie is actually good! (and it has Gerard Butler in it!) Plot is amazing, and lines fit characters and situations perfectly. And it really made me miss “Jerry”, even though he is fictional, and I have never met him. Best waste of time ever. Try it.

Now I will go have fun listening to my iPod while I take a long, hot shower.
I love showering. It makes me clean! 😀
L A out ❤

Is your life average?

Yes, that’s right. You read it! I can travel through time.
All I have to do is to put on “Humanoid”, and I am back at the hot spot I was last night. (With emphasis on HOT!)
It’s called memories, idiots. :p

So far, this week has been amazing! Monday was somewhat uneventful, but Tuesday totally rocked. HOW THAT WOMAN CAN SING! Elly completely blew my mind out of proportions, her voice was just…. Wow. *speechless*
I was standing pretty much all up front, without putting any work into getting there (I was pushed all the way up to the front :p), and got a whole lot of pictures and videos. My phone is sort of stupid, though, just as my awful computer, which means I will not be able to post any of the videos. But I will give you the privilege to look at Elly “up close”, if any of the pictures are clear enough to make out anything of them.

Elly standing so close I could have touched her if I tried <3

Elly standing so close I could have touched her if I tried ❤

Part of the band...

Part of the band...

The rest of the band.

The rest of the band.

I have got to admit, though. I didn’t realize untill that evening just HOW unbelievable HOT Elly is! She’s got something that just… makes my head go “ooooh! Wow! YEAH!” o_O

But the greatest day of my life, was yesterday. I have been following Tokio Hotel for years and years now, guessing around 7. And they have been “on the market” for about 9, I think. There is no need to lie about what this band means to me, and when the show they planned to have here in Norway back in 2008 was cancelled, I died inside. So last night, really made my life complete. Once again, my weird luck was with me; I started off standing in the far back, and was pushed to the front. Not all the way up, but in the end I just had one person between me and the fence, so I am NOT complaining. And during the whole concert, I was standing 2-3 meter away from Georg! (He’s been working out! o_O)

The moment the band entered the stage, I was (of course) caught up in a fan-moment, and started to scream. But I could not hold it up for long. As they all got to their places, aproxomentally 2-3, 5, 7-9 and 10 meters away from me, I felt my body start shaking, my throat get lumpy, and my eyes turned watery. I have never experienced starting to cry like that more than once before; the first time Tokio Hotel was aired on a Norwegian TV-channel. Honestly, these fan-moments are going to be the end of. They make me seem so PATHETIC! I HATE the fact that I could not stop screaming for the band through the whole concert. I am a 18 year old girl, turning 19 this fall! I should be able to get my act together, behave properly and mature. So why the bloody hell were I screaming? I felt like a 12-year-old me, trapped in my present body. But it was an amazing feeling having them there, right in front of me. Most of the time, all I could think was “They’re really here. They are all standing right there, right in front of me, only a few feet away. They are there! For real!” I’ve been listening to “Humanoid” all day long now, and I can still feel the crowd press against me from all angles, I can still see Bills face as clear as the day in front of me, I can almost count Georg’s eyelashes in my mind, and smell Tom standing in front of me. I have no trouble seeing Gustav waving his hand and smiling his goofy smile in the direction I was standing. Throughout the whole concert I had to tell my self “they have light being blasted in their eyes, there’s no chance they can see us. So stop acting like an idiot!” You know… With the screaming and waving and hysteric crying. I literally scared the shit out of myself. And I must admit, I am SO ashamed knowing what I did and how I acted. Way to go making my idols proud of their fans. WAY. TO. GO.

But the experience was all in all… fantastic. Amazing. Mind blowing. Fascinating. Great. Awesome. Fucking unbelievable! I have no adjective in my vocabulary that can cover the feeling I am left with. I feel empty and… complete. This whole day I have been smiling sheepishly. And I know that even on the inside, every particle of me is smiling. I am happy, and complete. Really. ❤ (To think this is the least embarrassing part. Great God.)

Georg Listing (stading right in front of me! :o)

Georg Listing (standing right in front of me! :o)

Bill Kaulitz! (Standing SO close! And if you look har enough, you can spot Tom in the background)

Bill Kaulitz! (Standing SO close! And if you look hard enough, you can spot Tom in the background)

Gustav Schäfer, the poor thing, sitting all the way in the back. Don't know if you can spot him, but I can tell you: He is looking GOOD! ;)

Gustav Schäfer, the poor thing, sitting all the way in the back. Don't know if you can spot him, but I can tell you: He is looking GOOD! 😉

Tom Kaulitz standing so close, I could practically hear his heart beat! <3

Tom Kaulitz standing so close, I could practically hear his heart beat! ❤

So, the pictures aren’t great, but they’re ACTUAL, REAL and so filled with memories. (And all this “OMG-TOKIO-HOTEL-I-L-U-SOOOO-MUCH-ZOMG-HEART-HEART-HEART”-bullshit is even making ME sick. >___<) This band must be the fucking love of my life, the way I keep talking about it. Let’s stop. Let’s talk about the trip TO the concert instead. It all took place at Vallhall in Helsfyr, Norway. Helsfyr is pretty close to Oslo. You could sort of say Helsfyr is IN Oslo, even.

Well, yes. The trip. The ones who have read my blog the last couple of days, knows that I did not have a ticket untill a few days ago. (Creds to my friend, Anja, for having a spare ticket!) The problem is: Anja lives in Kautokeino. Which is really far away from Oslo. We’re talking days and days of driving, here. And I love about… 45 minutes away. Awesome. So, since I was so late with trying to GET a ticket, I was not able to get hold of this ticket BEFORE the concert, and I had school this day. Obviously, I was going to be there late. My school day usually ends at 3:30 PM, which means I am home at 4:30 PM at the earliest. Add a girls time of showering, changing, applying make-up, packing and getting ready. And then the 45 minutes of driving time. So when the doors open at 6 PM… Yes, I was going to be LATE!
Luckily, the mother decided that since I am so sick nowadays. You know, with the operation and the wounds and the infection and all, I had to leave school early. But still, Anja was going to be in line at 1 PM. I wasn’t going to get there untill 5PM. And I didn’t. Upon my arrival, I brought out my phone, and started phoning Anja. But she did not answer her phone. Desperate to find her, I started walking along the aproxomentally 1 kilometer long line, searching for my friend. Suddenly I slipped, was catched, fell, stumbled, was pushed and pulled and when the world finally stopped spinning around me, I was standing in the middle of the que at the very beginning of it. Soon, I was pulled out by a man, who said I could go to the next line, the real line, the one in front of the door. And I felt REALLY bad when the people who was picked out at the same time, was walking around me, talking about how they’d been standing there for SIX FUCKING UBELIEVABLE HOURS, and that is was about time they let them closer. SIX FUCKING HOURS?!!? I had stood there for, what… three full minutes? Gracious God! After standing in the new line for 20 minutes, I hear a weak call of my name from far, far behind me. I turn around, and what do I see? Closing in on me, is Anja and her friend. They had finally been let through to the new line. I was there about four hours after them, and still I was at the front way before them. Way to go clumsy me! 😀 Haha 🙂

Finally, I will add a disgusting fact, and as the geek and the fan I am, this sort of amuses me.
Those of you who know Tokio Hotel, know that they have a habit of keeping a whole lot of bottles of water during each concert. In the middle of the whole even, several times, they take a few sips of a bottle, and throw the rest at the audience. Here is the gross fun-fact: when you share saliva with someone, their bacteria and small particles will stay in your body for three years. Here is the fan-part: I am now containing small parts of both Georg and Tom! ❤
(You have no idea how awful I feel for being happy about this xD)

I am satisfied. Two of my favourite bands have just preformed right in front of me, and I even got Tom’s set-list. I am happy and satisfied and COMPLETE.

L A out <33

And guess who just got hold of a ticket to the Tokio Hotel concert in Norway, under a week from now?

Oh gosh, I am SO psycked!
Tuesday night: La Roux at Rockefeller.
Wednesday: Tokio Hotel at Valhall.

This is going to be the week of my life!

And yes, I am practiacally in love with my friend for letting me buy her spare ticket ❤

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel – Tom’s Blog – Wolf rules with black light.

Tom Kaulitz’s entry with Patrick Wolf. Check out the video!

Alright now! Oooh, yeah yeah yeah! And don’t it feel good?

Today has been nothing but work, work, work and work. The only upside was that I could listen to Glee Soundtrack for 7 hours…STRAIGHT! And I got to download “The Diasppeared”, a thriller/horror movie with Tom Felton. Haven’t seen it yet, but the trailer caught my interest and apparently, the movie has been showed at several film-festivals and gotten good critics. Rather looking forward to see it.

The Disappeared

The Disappeared

And WOW! I’d forgotten how much I LOVE Heineken! 😮 ❤


…In a glassbottle of course!

And I am absolutely in love with “Arty Abrams” from Glee and his version of “Dancing with myself” by Billy Idol!
You should NOT miss out on this! (Sorry about the bad quality, it’s fan-reedited. Not my work. But it was the best I could find.)

Last, but not least, I would like to introduce you to the song that’s running through every internet socializing channel you can found, but I find it to be more respectful to show you the place I found it. Take a look:

So, today I’ve had the most interesting conversation ever! 🙂

As most who know me is aware of, I am rather childish. And my friends know how to take advantage of that.
So as one of my friends were discussing MLIAs and laughing and joking, he decided to try to scare me by saying:

“Hey! Santa Clause is dead!”

I eyed him for a moment before I asked him if he would cared to elaborate, as I know for sure that Santa is NOT dead.
He then told me his theory: as Santa now had been in every houshold in the world (Nah, not EVERY houshold, but you see the point), he have now got every kind of mutated swine flu and therefor, he is now dead. My respons?

“Psssh! He’s not, because he’s related to Dumbledore.”

We had a good laugh, before he started arguing that even if they had the same blood, Dumbledore has died, which proves that Santa can die too. I then proceded to explain to him the logics of time-travelling with the time-turner Dumbledore has given him. Afterwards, my friend looked at me in awe and said amazed “that actually made sence!” I was happy with this, but as an other friend joined in, he pointed out what he saw as a flaw in my theory. We then proceeded to have a two hour long discussion of how this “Santa-thing” works, and ended up using theories from Harry Potter, The Phantom, Dr. Who, Terminator and Back to the Future. And whatever theory they used to try to corner me, I was actually able to come up with logical explanation to why every theory could or could not fit!

Esaily the most amusing discussion ever, and I am now Santa Claus theory-master!
‘Tis be fun 😀

Sooo… ttyl.
L A out