It’s been over a month since I last updated. Lazy bum.
What’s been keeping me? Mostly essays, dinner parties and other fun stuff 😛

Have I done anything special?
Nope, not really. I’ve basically just hung around, listening to music and getting more in-depth with my YouTube-obsession. OH! And I’ve downloaded fun I-can-now-pretend-to-make-music software! How awesome is that? 😀 Haha!

What inspired me? Actually, a few things. First of all: I’ve always had this secret little dream of becoming a DJ – not ever going to happen, but you know. Factor. Secondly, I have this YouTube-obsession/addiction, which makes me compulsively watching videos from different YouTube contributors. The YouTube community is very widespread, but as I have discovered, you’ll find a few of them “bundled” together, and I’ve been paying much attention to one specific… eh… circle? Yeah, anyways, they’re all fairly well known, but here goes:

LittleRadge, (Liam Dryden) the David Tennant look-a-like I’ve mentioned a GAZILLION times before (why it never struck me to mention the others, I don’t really know.)
Nerimon, (Alex Day) who I didn’t really care too much about, I was just subscribed to him, until quite recently, when he mentioned some random, highly interesting facts, and now I’m more interested.
Hexachordal,  (Tom Milsom) the cutest, quirkiest of them, with his charming smile and amusing/comforting songs which never fails to make me smile. Oh, and he has BLUE HAIR! Love<3
Eddplant, (Ed something-I-don’t-even-know-if-I’ve-ever-known) the amazing musician with a voice that impress me a little more than the others, and with albumtitles which are long and funny 🙂
Charlieissocoollike, (Charlie McDonnell) the most famous of them all, seeing as he is England’s most subscribed of all time or something, and he’s got a heck of a lot of subscribers! He is also talented! (I suppose that explains the subscribers.)

In any case, these are the ‘main’ people I follow on YouTube (I actually follow 25 people in total, but you get my drift), and it is intriguing. Beside their fun skits and meaningful everyday-life talks, they’re all packed with talent. Which sort of annoys me, as I still haven’t found what I am good at. But in any case, I will highly recommend that you check these people out, because they are amazingly talented and funny. And all of them have musical talent! Which leads me to the next part: iTunes!

I will have to admit, since insomnia has struck me, I’ve gone a bit crazy in the music-buying-apartment. Goodbye budget! But the thing is: the internet is so filled with talented people! All but littleradge has released their own albums and EPs, which I want you to check out. And by ‘check out’ I mean BUY GODDAMMIT!  🙂
Also, we have Sons of Admirals, which consists of Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, Tom Milsom and… Ed. Eddplant. Whatever. What’s his last name again? Anybody? No? Okay. Ed, then. Anywho, they’ve got a single/EP out, and I want you to buy it. iTunes: two songs. Well, three, but two really.

I’m seriously going crazy over this song. My flat mates will be driven MAD by my repeated singing/playing xP

And for the more geeky of us, Liam Dryden, Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day and some other YouTuber called Chris (and I can’t be bothered to look up a last name) has formed a band called Chameleon Circuit. Get the reference? No? DOCTOR WHO, PEOPLE! Oh… I didn’t mention I’m a fan of the Doctor? Who-ps! (Ahaha, I kill me!) Well, I am. Not as hardcore as these guys, but I am SO VERY MUCH A FAN! ❤ And after christmas I will hopefully have enough money to buy the rest of the seasons I lack 😀 Hah! Anywho, I was talking about Chameleon Circuit, who I love and adore for inventing Trock ^^ I’ve already updated you guys on Wrock, so this one should be easy. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, or even just a geek in general, Chameleon Circuit is a must-have; GO FOR IT!

I also want to mention that Kaleb Nation, iJustine and Dave Days are also thoroughly followed by me 😉

Other songs I can’t stop hearing in my head:

I even got a few friends hooked. Been getting angry “thanks a fucking bunch for that, L A!” texts the last few days. Love it ❤


Finally, a few sexy songs:

Last one takes almost 30 seconds before starts. In case you didn’t know.


Whoa! So many songs! I don’t think I’ve ever posted this many videos. Ever. xD
At least it makes up for the lack of pictures.

Oh! I have also spent a lot of my time watching “Misfits” from Channel 4 online, and I have to admit. It’s fucking brilliant! And, as always, the dorky outsider is the one that catches my eye first, which in this case would be Simon (“Barry”). Yup, I even googled him. Me, the one who limits herself to only googling birthdays if I have to google them, now follows Iwan Rheon on Twitter. Iwan Rheon being the actor behind the character “Simon”. Did you know he could sing? He can! And he’s good! Bloody, fucking bastard. It’s because of people like him, stealing all the talent, that people like me can’t do anything xD And how do you pronounce his name anyway? In any case, his music is also available for download on iTunes. *encourages*

(I’ve tried not to laugh at this. I can’t.)

(Oh, and the reason I deliberately made sure you would understand that I don’t really care for that Chris guy from Chameleon Circuit is that he has been involved in drugs. I hate being narrow-minded, but when it comes to drugs, I just can’t help it. Pretty much the only label I associate with something horrible. Drug addict. Anything from Marijuana and “up” is more than enough for me to dislike a person. Personally, I hardly even take painkillers. Unless I’ve got a migraine. I’m careful, not stupid.)

Now, be a good boy/girl and run over to iTunes and buy loads of  music!

Looking forward to Christmas!
– L A ❤


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