So, my life has been quite uneventful the last couple of days.
It’s pretty much been school, school, sleep and school.

Though, I do have taken the time to watch all six of the “Saw” movies.
(Avoids the urge to use the word “adorable” to describe those movies.)

But the games… they are really… fucking awesome! I mean… They are complete mindfucks, but also… so complex and real and awful and horrid and… lovely. Honestly, I just love the idea of the games. I wouldn’t want it to happen in real life, of course not, but I am absolutely thrilled about the idea that people can become so completely… lost in their own way, so grotesque and morbid and cynic, that they make suck things happen. And the fact that someone has been able to think up these people and these ideas. I think I’ve found my husband/wife!

My favourit game (:

My favourite game (:

(Well, it’s my favourite, apart from the fact that there was no way out.)

Well, my grotesque side aside, I want to talk about something important.
It is usually made out of some sort of metal, has five wheels and runs on gas.
Yes, I am talking about cars.
As I am the sort-of-girly-girl I am, I don’t know much about cars, but I know which cars are the sexy ones!

And the one who rocks my world, is the Firebird Pontiac Trans Am 1979-81 with the T-roof:

Sexy shait <3

Sexy shait ❀

Yes, the same car the bad guy uses in the 2006 version of “The Hitcher”. Even so, I do not love it any less.

But, this carΒ  is so far-fetched to dream about, so I have decided to go for something slightly less sexy, and slightly more… bad-ass. I present to you the almighty:

Hummer H3 Alpha

Hummer H3 Alpha

Of course, I would like it in carbon black metallic instead, but honestly… who would care? IT’S A MOTHERFUCKING HUMMER! Hell yeah! (Alright, this might be as far-fetched as the Firebird, but dude… buzz-killer!)

I am not really that much of a Hummer-fan. I think they’re scary-looking, roaring, big, ugly cars. But they are so BAD ASS! Seriously, both me and my friend, Karoline, agree whole-heartedly; The Hummer is so bad-ass, we have just GOT to get one. Each.

What is your favourite car?

I am so fucking sick right now. Really, I have caught a really bad cold (which started pretty much right after the Tokio Hotel concert. Georg? Tom?), in addition to all the other things that apparently are wrong with me. Hopefully, I will get well soon. Hopefully.

BUT! Happy times! It is now a minute left of saturday, which leaves me with 26 hours untill I will be on my way to England! Hallelujah! I am so looking forward to this! London Dungeon is awaiting! Again! And so is Old Bailey! (Honestly, how lucky can a girl get? :D) I must now go get some sleep, and tomorrow I will pack my clothes.
I might update before I leave, posting some pictures of some of the new clothes I have bought for the trip. I don’t know yet, we’ll see… (:

L A out (with a cold -___-) ❀

  1. Subtle says:

    Have a nice trip to London. πŸ™‚ And let’s hope you haven’t used all of your luck at the concerts, so that you may be healthy during the trip! πŸ˜€

    • lafunction says:

      Awww, thank you darling! I will try my best to have a wonderful time ^^
      Haha, do you remember my voice when we spoke yesterday afternoon? By the end of the day, I had no voice xD
      And it is still getting worse xD Hahaha! So, about the luck… I’m guessing I am out of that now xP
      I bet I am on the wrong antibiotics too… You know… Just to make things worse xD Haha!

      Did you have fun at “Alice in Wonderland”? πŸ˜€

      • Teige says:

        Yes, although we went on the Norwegian version, which irritated me more than I want to admit… So I HAVE to see it once again, in English. And after I’ve seen the Disney version once again. πŸ˜› I was really surprised by the movie, positively though, I suspected something quite different.

        I’m sure you’ll have some luck left, you’ll catch up on it when you get back home, anyway. ^^

  2. Ingrid says:

    Don’t make me want to see those movies! 😦
    But now I do. Typical. Now I want to see movies that are going to freak me out more than I can handle ._.
    Oh well, I’ll survive πŸ˜›

    Have a nice trip to London! And get well!

    • lafunction says:

      Actually, they won’t really freak you out. You’ll get a bit paranoid afterwards, but I suspect this phenomenon will pass quickly :p
      Good luck with watching them. There will be a 7th movie by the end of this year/beginning of next year πŸ˜€ (In 3D xD xD xD)

      And thank you! I will try my best to get well… And it’s England darlig… Of course it’ll be a nice trip! ^___^ Haha ;D

      Oh, BTW:
      Do you know what would have made your e-mail address even MORE epic?
      If it was Vampirateninja@…. Whaddayasay? ^^

      • Ingrid says:

        Hah, I get freaked out by anything. We watched a movie in school (Den andre siden – teit “skrekk” film tenkt til txt sitt bok til alle prosjekt). It wasn’t even a bit scary or anything at all, but I still find myself freaked out by it.
        I think this is the scary part; (I dunno, cause I’m to freaked out to watch) and then it’s a bit bad xD

        and on that btw – I have no idea why I didn’t call it that, cause I did use it for several other places. Stupid me <.<

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