You. Make. Me. So. Sick.

Posted: March 8, 2010 in L A
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So, I guess I am not the only one who thought “Being sick is okay. It’s just being sick”.
Turns out, being sick is NOT ‘just being sick’.

Remember that I told you I’ve had that surgery I’ve been wanting for so long? And that I got an infection in the largest wound? Well, you see. Just because I went to the hospital last monday and ended up spending SIX FAWKING HOURS(!!!) there, just to have a WOUND checked, doesn’t mean they do it right. No, you see.. after a week on antibiotics, and things seeming to get better slowly but surely, it suddenly goes SLAM, BAM, THANK YOU DAMN! The infection gets hold of you again. And the thing is… Just because you were there a week earlier, it does NOT mean they get any better, or quicker, by the next time you get there… Oh no, this is just the time they set your hopes up, just to push the limit of your patience. So, after four, fucking hours of pretty much just waiting, mixed with some of the few things I hate, like blood-tests, I end up with this result:

Not only does the infection NOT go away, it turns out I need to change my medications, take another type of test, I was suddenly informed that I had a fever, and tah-fucking-dah: I am allergic to the band-aid glue! Fan-fucking-tastic!

Story of my life,
L A out 😦

Oh, and by the way, Norwegians: Check out this awesome blog;

  1. Flinke Piker says:

    Tusen takk! 🙂 We luuuve ju!

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