Yes, that’s right. You read it! I can travel through time.
All I have to do is to put on “Humanoid”, and I am back at the hot spot I was last night. (With emphasis on HOT!)
It’s called memories, idiots. :p

So far, this week has been amazing! Monday was somewhat uneventful, but Tuesday totally rocked. HOW THAT WOMAN CAN SING! Elly completely blew my mind out of proportions, her voice was just…. Wow. *speechless*
I was standing pretty much all up front, without putting any work into getting there (I was pushed all the way up to the front :p), and got a whole lot of pictures and videos. My phone is sort of stupid, though, just as my awful computer, which means I will not be able to post any of the videos. But I will give you the privilege to look at Elly “up close”, if any of the pictures are clear enough to make out anything of them.

Elly standing so close I could have touched her if I tried <3

Elly standing so close I could have touched her if I tried ❤

Part of the band...

Part of the band...

The rest of the band.

The rest of the band.

I have got to admit, though. I didn’t realize untill that evening just HOW unbelievable HOT Elly is! She’s got something that just… makes my head go “ooooh! Wow! YEAH!” o_O

But the greatest day of my life, was yesterday. I have been following Tokio Hotel for years and years now, guessing around 7. And they have been “on the market” for about 9, I think. There is no need to lie about what this band means to me, and when the show they planned to have here in Norway back in 2008 was cancelled, I died inside. So last night, really made my life complete. Once again, my weird luck was with me; I started off standing in the far back, and was pushed to the front. Not all the way up, but in the end I just had one person between me and the fence, so I am NOT complaining. And during the whole concert, I was standing 2-3 meter away from Georg! (He’s been working out! o_O)

The moment the band entered the stage, I was (of course) caught up in a fan-moment, and started to scream. But I could not hold it up for long. As they all got to their places, aproxomentally 2-3, 5, 7-9 and 10 meters away from me, I felt my body start shaking, my throat get lumpy, and my eyes turned watery. I have never experienced starting to cry like that more than once before; the first time Tokio Hotel was aired on a Norwegian TV-channel. Honestly, these fan-moments are going to be the end of. They make me seem so PATHETIC! I HATE the fact that I could not stop screaming for the band through the whole concert. I am a 18 year old girl, turning 19 this fall! I should be able to get my act together, behave properly and mature. So why the bloody hell were I screaming? I felt like a 12-year-old me, trapped in my present body. But it was an amazing feeling having them there, right in front of me. Most of the time, all I could think was “They’re really here. They are all standing right there, right in front of me, only a few feet away. They are there! For real!” I’ve been listening to “Humanoid” all day long now, and I can still feel the crowd press against me from all angles, I can still see Bills face as clear as the day in front of me, I can almost count Georg’s eyelashes in my mind, and smell Tom standing in front of me. I have no trouble seeing Gustav waving his hand and smiling his goofy smile in the direction I was standing. Throughout the whole concert I had to tell my self “they have light being blasted in their eyes, there’s no chance they can see us. So stop acting like an idiot!” You know… With the screaming and waving and hysteric crying. I literally scared the shit out of myself. And I must admit, I am SO ashamed knowing what I did and how I acted. Way to go making my idols proud of their fans. WAY. TO. GO.

But the experience was all in all… fantastic. Amazing. Mind blowing. Fascinating. Great. Awesome. Fucking unbelievable! I have no adjective in my vocabulary that can cover the feeling I am left with. I feel empty and… complete. This whole day I have been smiling sheepishly. And I know that even on the inside, every particle of me is smiling. I am happy, and complete. Really. ❤ (To think this is the least embarrassing part. Great God.)

Georg Listing (stading right in front of me! :o)

Georg Listing (standing right in front of me! :o)

Bill Kaulitz! (Standing SO close! And if you look har enough, you can spot Tom in the background)

Bill Kaulitz! (Standing SO close! And if you look hard enough, you can spot Tom in the background)

Gustav Schäfer, the poor thing, sitting all the way in the back. Don't know if you can spot him, but I can tell you: He is looking GOOD! ;)

Gustav Schäfer, the poor thing, sitting all the way in the back. Don't know if you can spot him, but I can tell you: He is looking GOOD! 😉

Tom Kaulitz standing so close, I could practically hear his heart beat! <3

Tom Kaulitz standing so close, I could practically hear his heart beat! ❤

So, the pictures aren’t great, but they’re ACTUAL, REAL and so filled with memories. (And all this “OMG-TOKIO-HOTEL-I-L-U-SOOOO-MUCH-ZOMG-HEART-HEART-HEART”-bullshit is even making ME sick. >___<) This band must be the fucking love of my life, the way I keep talking about it. Let’s stop. Let’s talk about the trip TO the concert instead. It all took place at Vallhall in Helsfyr, Norway. Helsfyr is pretty close to Oslo. You could sort of say Helsfyr is IN Oslo, even.

Well, yes. The trip. The ones who have read my blog the last couple of days, knows that I did not have a ticket untill a few days ago. (Creds to my friend, Anja, for having a spare ticket!) The problem is: Anja lives in Kautokeino. Which is really far away from Oslo. We’re talking days and days of driving, here. And I love about… 45 minutes away. Awesome. So, since I was so late with trying to GET a ticket, I was not able to get hold of this ticket BEFORE the concert, and I had school this day. Obviously, I was going to be there late. My school day usually ends at 3:30 PM, which means I am home at 4:30 PM at the earliest. Add a girls time of showering, changing, applying make-up, packing and getting ready. And then the 45 minutes of driving time. So when the doors open at 6 PM… Yes, I was going to be LATE!
Luckily, the mother decided that since I am so sick nowadays. You know, with the operation and the wounds and the infection and all, I had to leave school early. But still, Anja was going to be in line at 1 PM. I wasn’t going to get there untill 5PM. And I didn’t. Upon my arrival, I brought out my phone, and started phoning Anja. But she did not answer her phone. Desperate to find her, I started walking along the aproxomentally 1 kilometer long line, searching for my friend. Suddenly I slipped, was catched, fell, stumbled, was pushed and pulled and when the world finally stopped spinning around me, I was standing in the middle of the que at the very beginning of it. Soon, I was pulled out by a man, who said I could go to the next line, the real line, the one in front of the door. And I felt REALLY bad when the people who was picked out at the same time, was walking around me, talking about how they’d been standing there for SIX FUCKING UBELIEVABLE HOURS, and that is was about time they let them closer. SIX FUCKING HOURS?!!? I had stood there for, what… three full minutes? Gracious God! After standing in the new line for 20 minutes, I hear a weak call of my name from far, far behind me. I turn around, and what do I see? Closing in on me, is Anja and her friend. They had finally been let through to the new line. I was there about four hours after them, and still I was at the front way before them. Way to go clumsy me! 😀 Haha 🙂

Finally, I will add a disgusting fact, and as the geek and the fan I am, this sort of amuses me.
Those of you who know Tokio Hotel, know that they have a habit of keeping a whole lot of bottles of water during each concert. In the middle of the whole even, several times, they take a few sips of a bottle, and throw the rest at the audience. Here is the gross fun-fact: when you share saliva with someone, their bacteria and small particles will stay in your body for three years. Here is the fan-part: I am now containing small parts of both Georg and Tom! ❤
(You have no idea how awful I feel for being happy about this xD)

I am satisfied. Two of my favourite bands have just preformed right in front of me, and I even got Tom’s set-list. I am happy and satisfied and COMPLETE.

L A out <33

  1. Ingrid says:

    Really cool that you got to be there at the concert. I feel like everybody I know talk about how awesome it was, and I didn’t even go. Lol. But that’s just because I didn’t really like the new album. But so awesome that you got to be there! Must have been just amazing!

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