Oh shait!

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Education, Humor, L A

I completely forgot to blog about yesterday.

Well, it was spent at a educational expo, searching for opportunities and schools for the coming years.
I ended up with little of what I wanted, but more of something different.
The plan was to find NISS and ask them a couple of questions about the MUA course, but it seemed they had no teachers who could answer my questions. I also planned on finding Image Akademiet and ask about their MUA course, but obviously, they weren’t even there. Oh the joy!

So I ended up following my friends around for what they liked, and looking for other alternatives for myself.
I did fall in love with ACrossThePond education(and the lady talking to me about it), where they offer schooling in Great Britain. They have a school in Oxford, which sounded really interesting. I also spoke with some guy from Kilroy, where they offer students schooling at University of East London, with a really nice location, and some modern, awesome buildings. I do want to go to England and study there somewhere, but I’m not sure.

The second kind of option I found, was criminology. I do have a special interest in serial killers, and it would be really neat to understand the way they think, and what they do and why they do it. Same goes for other criminals. My optional schools would be the police academy in Oslo or Høyskolen i Oslo(University of Oslo?), where they offer this course. Or I could go to UK, the U.S. or Australia/New Zealand to study.

There were few other schools that seemed interesting, and even lesser schools offering full MUA-courses, so I’m really at a loss here. I have no clue what I should do. The mother went over the board with excitement when I told her about the criminology thing. But I would first of all like to become a Make-Up Artist. NISS has an ‘open day’ March 4th, so I’ll probably have to go there. At least then I can speak to the teachers and students to see if this really is the place for me.

But it was fun going there (except the fact that I didn’t find what I intentionally got there to find, and that they didn’t offer any food I could eat), and the trip there itself was fun. Jeanette picked me up at my home(which is far away from her, so I didn’t expect that) about 7:30 AM, and we headed for Oslo. What should have taken an hour maybe an hour and a half, took us almost two and a half to three hours! o_O LOOONG. TIME. WAITING. THe traffic was horrible. And it didn’t get any better with the snow. -___- Of course, we did expect it. The forecast said it would be snowing, and bloody hell. We live in Norway for christ’s sake! Of course there will be snow. At least it wasn’t too bad.

You can't really see how much it is snowing, but here it is

You can't really see how much it is snowing, but here it is

When the day was over and I finally got home(AND HAD SOMETHING TO EAT!!!) I was REALLY craving some Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. Our cleaning lady was working this day (she comes every second week or so) and I made a deal with the mother. If I could finish my homework by the time the cleaning lady was done, and drove her home, I could go get some. We don’t really sell that many American, English or other foreign products here in Norway, but 7-eleven and MENY takes in some. MENY was my goal, but guess what? I forgot which MENY was closest to me, and headed to one at the far end of our district. Upon my arrival, it dawned on me that it was in a MALL. Norwegian malls usually close at 6 PM. My watch showed 7:35 PM. So I searched my mind and remembered the one I had passed on the way down there, laughing at my own stupid silliness. I stopped laughing when I got there. I pulled in to one of the many open parking spaces at exactly 8 PM. Guess at which time MENY closes?… Exactly 8 PM. There were three other cars there already, no doubt being in the register to get out right then. I DID NOT GET ANY ICE CREAM! :O *sad face* But the mother promised that if I went to the gym this afternoon, I can go buy some Ben & Jerry’s afterwards. Looking forward to that! 😀

To finish this off, I’ll make your day a bit better. Here’s the picture of my friends lunch the other day, which me and my friends promptly denied her to eat. There is no way you can eat something like this, if you’ve got a consciense:

I think her sallad secretly mourns my loss of icecream

I think her salad secretly mourns my loss of ice cream


L A out

  1. Ariana says:

    det tok faktisk pittelitt under 2 timer til Lillestrøm :p Vanligvis tar det ca 1 time 🙂

  2. lafunction says:

    Ikke med tiden for meg og henting, vennen 😉

  3. darigan says:

    Hi mate,

    I’m studying at the University of East London now, and quite liking it – MA Magazines.

    You said that you were interested in criminology?

    UEL has a foundation degree in it:

    and a BA in it:

    Anyways, nice blog, good luck mate.

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