The rant…

Posted: January 20, 2010 in L A

Rather happy about today, actually! As mentioned a gazillion times before, I am behind with homework, but today I got the feeling it is getting better! I am getting closer to an end of this pile of duties and other nasty stuff, and I’m feeling pretty good.

Had a massive headache today, but still finished up half of my work, before the mother came to pick me up, and I could go to sleep for an hour. Now the nap is over and I have even had time to watch “The Lovely Bones” after finishing up the homework I started on before the nap, AND I’ve had supper! Really, I feel rather acomplished right now, and I am satisfied with todays work.

Now, tomorrow will be eventful, as we are going to a… I dunno, fair? Convention? Convention, probably… A convention where we can go check out all the different kinds of schools we can apply to next year, ask questions and get other various information. I will definately hunt down NISS’ stand and find out more about their programmes.

Now it is bedtime! Goodnight, sleep tight fellers ❤

L A out


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