My, my…

Posted: January 16, 2010 in L A, TV

I must apologise, it seems like there will be no pictures in a while…
My PhotoShop will not work anymore, and I will not be able to upload these without some correction.

Gash -____-

But as soon as possible, I promise! There will be!

Now, it is saturday, and my younger cousin is here for a visit. She’s not too fond of me at the moment, seing that I’m drinking beer. xD Haha! That’ll be her problem.
Oh! And I forgot to post yesterday, I was stuck with homework >___<
…Being sick has more than one stupid side. Homework is one of them. Urk.

Have you watched Glee? Because I have. And I think that if you have NOT seen it yet YOUBETTERGETYOURFATARSEOUTOFTHATCHAIRANDGETAROUNDWATCHINGIT! It is a-ma-zing! With a capital ZING!
They even do Billy Idol songs there! *in love*
The cutest little series in a long while.

And a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all you new readers, I’ve been noting a drastic increase of you the last couple of days.

L A out


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