So, today has been a tad bit more interesting. I’ve done something else than sleeping!

Haha, not much, though.
I have managed to get my camera to work with my computer! 😀
Buuuut… not any editing program I know of. Bummer.

Yesterday I posted a short note, because I’m sick and can’t really stand computers right now.
But I failed to mention that I’ve been babysitting the cutest, littlest dogs! 😀

Today has been THIS eventful:

I got up. Then went back to sleep. After an hour, I got up again. We went for a walk.

Short walk

Short Walk

Then we got back. And took a nap.



And when naptime was over, we got up and went for another walk.

A longer walk

A longer walk

(You must excuse the horrid quality. It’s from my phone.)

So, that’s pretty much been my day so far. Oh, and I got a letter from NISS, the school I want to apply to.

The letter.

The letter.

And please take not of the Kleenex box in the upper left corner, in addition to the Läkerol pastilles for my throat and the cute, little, pink lipbalm. Heavens assured, they’re all pretty much empty by now.

Alright, I’ll be off then. I am going to have myself a lovely cup of tea by the fire, and read The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and The Warderobe. Again.

Cosy in front of the fireplace

Cosy in front of the fireplace

L A out


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