Well, I’ll be damned…

Posted: January 9, 2010 in L A
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I forgot to POST anything yesterday!

Well, that might be because of this:

I've got a package!

I've got a package!

And I will be picking them up later today! Iiiih! *happy*

I’m debating ordering a couple of things with the money I got for christmas at
But I’m not quite sure yet. Toll fee’s and shipping will be quite a lot. We’ll see.

But yeah, I just woke up, and now I am going to get some breakfast, and a nice, HUGE, cup of tea!

Tea cup (More like tea pot)

Tea cup (More like tea pot)

L A out

  1. Carina says:

    Hihih, (whoa, first time I ever, in my life, use “hihih”) I got a huge cup too, but it’s diffrent, mine has flowers on it=P It’s in my school locker. It really is big, I need to bags if tea in it O.O

    And BTW, red and gray, this is you first comment! I like your blog =) You are really good, and you haven’t done this before! I think you’re a natural!

    • lafunction says:

      Thanks! You’ve got a huge cup too? :O Awesome! You’d might think we’d be related or something! Hahaha! xD I LOVE tea, and my friend bought me my cup/bucket/whatever I should call it, for my 18th birthday with some REALLY good tea! ❤

      It's good to know you like my blog, then! Even though I have done this before, my last attempt of a blog really sucked! I didn't write posts, I wrote articles. And barely any pictures xD Haha ^^ So I feel this is going SO much better, and obviously it is. At least if I count on blog stats to work :p
      Too bad this wasn't my first comment, though. But thanks anyway, I really apprechiate it! 😀

  2. Carina says:

    Oh, okay, I just saw that it wasn’t your fist comment =_= Anyway, I’m the one that have posted the most comments on this shit! =D (sorry, this isn’t shit, you’re really good =] )

  3. Carina says:

    Haha xD
    Well I like your blog, so I’m gonna keep commenting xD

    Erm. HoweverI don’t see you commenting on MY blog. In fact, I haven’t ever seen any comments by you <.< Not even on my Norwegian blog, 'cause I can understan that you might don't wanna to comment on my English one, but still <.<

    http://carinaisabelle-eng.blogspot.com/ if you like blogspot or http://carrybelle.livejournal.com/ if you like livejournal

    Eller http://carinaisabelle.blogspot.com/ hvis du føler for å lese på norsk ( denna blir helt klart, uten tvil, oppdatert oftest)


    • lafunction says:

      Yes, I’ve actually been thinking about that a lot, and I’ve realised why I don’t. Twitter! You update your twitter so often, I basically know what it will say anyways, and I @reply you directly on twitter in stead of commenting! :p Besides, I’ve had some trouble with your blogs, either they won’t upload, or the colours are unreadable. (Besides, I am quite OCD, and I find both blogspot and livejournal to be a bit messy. I can’t stand messy! :O Sorry :p)

      But I’ll try. Even though it’ll be easier to @reply you through Twitter xP

  4. Carina says:

    xD haha, well I’m not writing the same thing on my blog as on twitter, what would be the point xD hahah
    Anyway can you pleas read what I wrote to you on MSN? I need an answer D=

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