Beep Beep! Coming through…

Posted: January 7, 2010 in L A, Movies, Music
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I finally received the letter I have been dreaming of.


So from next month on, there will be no more pain(hopefully), and I will be able to eat almost whatever I want again!
Really, I am so happy I could almost fly! I should have done a dance, had I not been such a clutz and had I only had any dance moves that does not look retarded. =^___^=

This is terriffic!

And what else there is to be happy about today:
I aced Oral English, and will now get an A(6 for oss nordmenn) for christmas! 😀
And furthermore, I will soon recieve my order in the mail, containing all 6 Star Wars movies AND both of the Transformers movies!

Transformers & Star Wars

Transformers & Star Wars

And for the music update:

“Road Rage” – Dizzee Ranscal
– I’ve had Dizzee’s “Holliday” stuck in my brain pretty much all fall, but today I got the courage to really explore his music while driving around doing erands for the mother. Sort of fell in love with this one, as the lyrics made a really ironic situation. It’s best with VOLUME and BASS! Give it a try! (Along with the rest of the album[Tongues n’ Cheek], if you don’t have it already)

L A out


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