So, today I’ve had the most interesting conversation ever! 🙂

As most who know me is aware of, I am rather childish. And my friends know how to take advantage of that.
So as one of my friends were discussing MLIAs and laughing and joking, he decided to try to scare me by saying:

“Hey! Santa Clause is dead!”

I eyed him for a moment before I asked him if he would cared to elaborate, as I know for sure that Santa is NOT dead.
He then told me his theory: as Santa now had been in every houshold in the world (Nah, not EVERY houshold, but you see the point), he have now got every kind of mutated swine flu and therefor, he is now dead. My respons?

“Psssh! He’s not, because he’s related to Dumbledore.”

We had a good laugh, before he started arguing that even if they had the same blood, Dumbledore has died, which proves that Santa can die too. I then proceded to explain to him the logics of time-travelling with the time-turner Dumbledore has given him. Afterwards, my friend looked at me in awe and said amazed “that actually made sence!” I was happy with this, but as an other friend joined in, he pointed out what he saw as a flaw in my theory. We then proceeded to have a two hour long discussion of how this “Santa-thing” works, and ended up using theories from Harry Potter, The Phantom, Dr. Who, Terminator and Back to the Future. And whatever theory they used to try to corner me, I was actually able to come up with logical explanation to why every theory could or could not fit!

Esaily the most amusing discussion ever, and I am now Santa Claus theory-master!
‘Tis be fun 😀

Sooo… ttyl.
L A out


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