Alright,  so I’m a little bit gay. Who cares? I sure as hell don’t! (Any more, at least)

A couple of months ago I came out to my mother(Even though I know my family is pretty… homophobic.), and she makes it clear that she does not approve. I believe her exact words were(translated):

“Okay. Alright. I do not like this. There is nothing I can do about it, but I do NOT like this.”

I respect that. So I keep my distance, I make sure never to mention it and keeps my obvious interest for girls (EMMA WATSON!!!!) out of her sight. And since I am bisexual, I talk about boys a lot too. (Though, I must admit. After I came out to her, she hasn’t been nagging me much about not having a bf/gf.) And it is no secret that I fancy one of Norway’s better athletes, Petter Northug.

Petter Northug

Petter Northug

I commented on his good looks once we watched TV and he was doing a great parody of one of Norways greatest comedians. I turned to my mother to ask her opinion but was surprised to find her scowling at me. I thought nothing of it untill the next time I mentioned him and some other athlete being “pretty well fit”, and I got the same cold and scowling reaction. I didn’t say anything, but took this as a sign that she does not approve of me liking them.

So I’ve been trying not to mention them too much. Instead I changed my wallpaper to one with Emma Watson and saw her nod of approval. Today I mentioned much appreciate Gerard Butlers good looks (even though he is way to old! xD) and asked her what she thought of him. What reaction did I get? “Hey, I’ve recorded a show for you that I think you’ll like a lot. “Read, white and square”. It’s about the Norwegian gay history, want to go watch it now?” I. Am. Stunned.

So really, what is she trying to say? I know she hates that I am gay, but she does not approve of me liking boys.
But she wants grandkids! And for me to marry!

I suppose it is okay that she seems to find it acceptable that I am not like she wants me to be, and more like pretty much oposite of what my whole family find acceptable. But I still wish she could see that there are TWO sides to ‘BIsexual’ and that Petter Northug and Gerrard Butler is part of one of mine 😉 Haha 😛

To end this off, here are some goodies to oogle:

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

L A out

  1. Ingrid says:

    I suppose you’re mother is confused about your sexuality, just as you probably was when you realized. So she probably needs time to “take it all in”, as did probably you.
    But I don’t know.

    Oh, I wanted to watch “Rødt, Hvitt og Skrått”, but I was in Bergen or something. >.<
    And Emma is hot! O__O

    • lafunction says:

      She is so ABSOLUTELY DEFINATELY gorgeous! Picture perfect beauty!
      And mother is recording the whole series for me :]
      I bet it’s in, though 😀

    • lafunction says:

      I am not quite as frustrated as it seems, though. I’m kinda more… confused. I mean, she used to nag me about getting a boyfriend, because I haven’t been in a relationship for three years (well, two. But she doesn’t know that :p), but after I came out to her, she hasn’t really said anything about it. And now, I am not permitted to like anyone/anything xD Of course, I am 18 and a proud member of the gay community now for about 3/4 years (depending on how you see it, it could be 7/8 years :p) and she has no right to decide what and who I am. But still! Haha xD

      How’s your parents taking it? =^___^=

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