Well isn’t that great?

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Celebreties, L A
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So, this must have been the most UNPRODUCTIVE day in the history!
School has started, but how could I possibly be paying attention to that, as I got ONE HOURS worth of sleep last night?!
Seriously, what the heck?!

So, after school I got home, slept for a couple of hours, ate, slept some more, surfed the internet, took a shower and now I am going to bed again! WTF?

I am tired and frustrated and momentarily crushing on Matthew Lewis as he turns out to be INTELLIGENT too.
You know, not mindblowingly intelligent, but he sure does know a great lot. Like all that stuff about Oasis. Fine, it’s one of hes all-time favourite bands, but still. He has really studied them!

I am going to stop moaning, and pretending like I am in love with a celebrety(Really, I’m just fascinated) and go to bed.
Tomorrow ough to be more productive. Good night fellers.

L A out


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