I want to promise you guys one thing:
I shall be changing my header every month, and hopefully also a new for each holliday(that I am aware of)!

Also, I did a sum up, and even though we’re just 3 days into the new year (Well, technically 4 now), I’m already starting up with a lot of new music. I might happen to be behind on much of this, but at least I’ve discovered them, right? I’ll list the music and how I found them for you. Leave a comment on what you think about these things if you know them, just checked them, or things you think I should listen to!

1. A Very Potter Musical
– My cousin’s been nagging me for months to watch this musical (Which can be found on YouTube: A Very Potter Musical (Starkid) ), a hilarious show with two acts, and 23 parts. Definately worth watching, at least if you like(or just know) the Harry Potter series/world. (Want to download the soundtrack? Click here!)

The crew of "A Very Potter Musical"

The crew of "A Very Potter Musical"

2. La Roux
– I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, both books and movies and of course; the actors and actresses! My most recent interest is Matthew (David) Lewis, the man behing the character Neville Longbottom. The other day I stumbled upon his YouTube account and ended up watching his movies. They’re all about this competition between him and his buddy Chris Cuzzy, and in one of the videos they’re competing in bowling. In this particulare scene, there is a song going in the background (and the bastard just wrote “I bloody love this song” but never mentioned the name of it! >__<) and someone commented with the name of the band. You’ve GOT to check them out. Here is the video, the song begins around 4:20.

La Roux single album cover

La Roux single album cover

3. “Starstrukk” by 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry
– I am also a huge fan of books and vloggers/bloggers, and under this category we can find Kaleb Nation. A great author, and a really interesting internetcelebrity(not to mention: he’s quite fit too 😉 Haha!). Him, you can find on his Twitter and his YouTube channels, among other places. You should also check out his book “Bran Hambric: The Farfiels Curse“. He did a BlogTV show (for me) night to sunday January 3, and before he came on live, this song was played (partially) and everyone in my waitingroom cheered for this one to be played again.

Printscreen from the musicvideo

Printscreen from the musicvideo

4. Aurora
– Again, this is Kaleb Nations fault, as he posted a post about this band on one of his blogs. Actually pretty good, absolutely worth the money I payed for their album.

Printscreen of Lizzy Pattinson

Printscreen of Lizzy Pattinson

Alright! So, I will be posting more updates on music, movies and books, as soon as I find something more. Comment me on stuff I should post, or just input on what I already have.

L A out ❤


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